Top Must-Watch Korean Dramas In December 2022
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Top 5 Amazing Korean Dramas To Watch In December 2022 | Latest Korean Dramas On Netflix

Top 5 upcoming Korean dramas that you must watch on December 2022. The latest Korean dramas to binge-watch on Netflix.

Hey, chingus! Finished all the best Korean dramas, and suffering greatly from post-drama depression? It’s very common to feel miserable and find nothing interesting after finishing your favorite Korean dramas. So before you shed your precious pearls, let Unnie gift you the Top 5 Best Korean Dramas that you must watch in December 2022.

Alchemy Of Souls: Lights And Shadow:

This is the sequel of one of the successful Korean dramas of 2022, ‘Alchemy Of Souls’. It tells the story of when Jang Uk returns from death after 3 years. Jung Uk becomes a soul hunter and finds a prisoner who seeks help to reclaim her freedom. All casts of the former part will appear again with mesmerizing fantasy, romance, and a thrilling roller coaster.

Release date: Dec 10, 2022

Network: tvN, Netflix

Alchemy of Soul : Light and Shadow
Alchemy of Soul: Light and Shadow

Airs on: Saturday & Sunday

Number of episodes: 10


The ‘Island’ is the most awaited Korean drama of 2022 that’s based on the webtoon of the same name “Island”.

The story showcased four characters getting involved with the evil ghosts of Jeju Island. Won Mi-Ho (Lee Da-Hee), who’s originally from a rich family, was sent to Jeju Island due to her deeds. Later she gets involved with ghosts. Whereas, Ban (Kim Nam-Gil) fights against evil. He was trained to destroy evil. He kills evil and possessed victims without any mercy, but deep inside, he feels guilty. John (Cha Eun Woo) crosses paths with them, who is a Catholic priest, who performs an exorcism. Another main lead Goong-Tan (Sung Joon) was supposed to help Ban but due to some reason, he goes against Ban.

Release date: Dec 30, 2022

Network: Tving, Amazon Prime Video 

Island Horror K drama

Airs on: Friday

Number of episodes: 12


Upcoming fantasy thrilling drama Connect will be the roller coaster for viewers. If you love action, mystery, and thriller, then hold on tight! This drama is taken from the webtoon of the same name “Connect”. A man called Ha Dong-Soo (Jung Hae-In) gets kidnapped by human organ traffickers. They snatch his eyes and transplant to a man called Oh Jin-Seob, a polite and innocent-looking employee. But it turns out that Oh Jin-Seob is a serial killer. Magically Ha Dong-Soo starts seeing what the serial killer sees. Ha Dong-Soo starts chasing the serial killer to stop his bloody crime.

Release date: Dec 7, 2022

Network: Disney+

Connect Korean Drama

Airs on: Friday

Number of episodes: 12

The Forbidden Marriage:

The story is about the king of Jeoson, Lee Heon. When he was a crown prince, his wife died. Even after 7 years when he couldn’t get over the pain. The royal family tried to get him remarried but nothing worked. Soon they implemented the geumhonryung edict to prevent all single ladies get married before the king gets remarried.

The whole nation was against the law. One day a girl called Ye So Rang claims that the king’s late wife’s soul exists within the royal family. Then she gets captured and thrown to jail for this rubbish act. She keeps pretending as if she’s possessed and keeps claiming that the spirit exists in the royal family.

Release date: Dec 9, 2022

Network: MBC

Airs on: Friday, Saturday

Number of episodes: 12

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The Glory:

The Glory featuring Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun is a revenge story of the main lead who wanted to be an Architect. Unfortunately, she had to drop out because of school bullying and violence. Years passed and the perpetrator became a father. He admits his son is at school, and apparently, the victim manages to become the homeroom teacher of the perpetrator’s son. Soon she starts taking revenge on the perpetrator and the suspense will leave you with a bittersweet taste!

Release date: Dec 30, 2022

Network: Netflix

Airs on: Friday

Number of episodes: 8

All these dramas are so interesting and full of suspense that you can’t miss them! We’ll be back with more such hallyu stuff! Annyeong.


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