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The Korean Hanami was born on 12th November 2022. She is the cupid of two lost souls and also the child that these souls look upon. Hanami loves to talk about South Korea and the rich cultures of Asia connecting the heart and soul of Asia with the rest of the world.

In this little purple space diversely cultured writers unite to unveil the hidden gems, rich traditions, language, culture, K-pop bands (Mostly BTS), K-pop news, Kdrama, Skincare, Korean Lifestyle, Fashion, Korean food, and much, much more related to Korea and everchanging Asia. Keeping in mind the timeless preferences of our readers, we have particular sections to treat you with the latest hallyu talk, K-pop fangirling, creative stories, informative articles and one of a kind language materials that will escalate your Hangul learning journey from beginner to advance in no time. Hanami is a place where the writers imaginations comes to life, a place where dreams bloom at the right time.

Let’s begin learning about ‘The Korean Hanami’ with the first ever written contents of Hanami.

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