Top 5 Best Zombie Dramas of All Time
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Top 5 Zombie Dramas That Will Make You Believe In The Horrors Of Undead


Are you dead or alive?

This question has always received a discombobulated answer from every being. After the massive COVID 19 impact, Human minds have also crushed barriers of creative realms and produced unique content to keep our adrenaline levels at peak.

Currently one of the most sought after and budding content in the media and entertainment industry is ‘ZOMBIE OR HALF DEAD’. Decades after decades this one concept has intrigued us to an extent that even the thought of it makes us thrilled. In today’s article we will talk about the TOP 5 ZOMBIE K DRAMAS that made my heart pound as if it was fixated on a rollercoaster ride.


One of my recent watch and most favorite zombie dramas. With Park Hyung Sik visuals and Han Hyo Joo’s strong attitude, this drama is bound to raise your standards of storytelling. All the stars miraculously blend with the characters’ roles, making it hard to perceive it as a scripted series and not quotidian life. The concept is based on Quarantine but instead of Covid, it’s a Zombie Quarantine.

What really impressed me is the choice of music and the spontaneity of the drama, there’s not one scene that you will wish to skip, each moment serves a purpose for the climax and specifically the lead roles chemistry will keep your fingers rewinding some specific moments again and again.

P.S. I have re-winded some moments of Yi Hyun and Sae Bom at least 5 times with the current thought of rewatching it again


I watched this K-Movie in my early teen years when I had no clue that there’s a nation named Korea and not only that but even after finishing the whole series titled Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and praying to get summoning powers like Ji Eun Tak, I didn’t recognize that I’ve met Kim Shin before, until recently.

What I loved about this K-Movie is how it seamlessly transitioned to a thrilling film. Gong Yoo played the role of a single father and the protagonist of this film when he found himself in a mysterious zombie outbreak. The character developments, the palpable tension and the anticipation of quick plot twists makes it an all time riveting watch.


This K-Movie not only deals with a society full of zombies but also the challenges of human psychology faced by separation and confinement. It narrates the tale of a protagonist challenged by the fear of isolation, locked in his apartment for days in the hope to find a way out of the deadly environment.
The plot structure, character narration and relentless atmosphere of dread and uncertainty makes it an ideal pick for viewers keeping them at their toes till the very end.


This K-drama serves as a testament of brilliancy in the entire K-Drama industry. The story progression, character construction and the cinematography makes it a visually stunning and intellectual evergreen series. The base of Kingdom revolves around royal blood wars, human butchery, a kingdom ruled by a half dead king chained to the royal quarters for ages, national conflicts (but it’s zombie wars) and a mysterious flower as the most prized possession of this cinematic piece. Kingdom is one of the renowned zombie K-dramas that make its viewers glued to the screen till the very end.


One of the prime subjects to keep at bay in Zombie dramas are children. Yes, while the other Kdramas focus on keeping the children safe, this zombie K-drama originates the apocalypse from a highschool through a lab rat kept for science experiments. What’s more thought provoking other than the character sketches and realistic storyline is how the students wish to return to home safely, unaware of the fact that the world outside the four walls of school is completely sunken in half deads already.

That’s all for today’s recommendations from @thekoreanhanami. I hope you have an equally thrilling journey in the world of zombies just like me.

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