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About Hanami :

The Korean Hanami was born on 12th November, 2022. She is the cupid of two lost souls and a treasure trove for people who want to explore the captivating and diverse montage of Asian Culture. Our journey began with a profound fascination towards the Asian civilization and writers who were utterly entranced by the rich traditions, bewitching history and awe-inspiring artistry of South Korea. Each written piece of ‘The Korean Hanami’ is meticulously crafted and devoted in breathing life to the heart and soul of Asia.

Currently, we are dedicated to capture the beauty, essence, vibrant mosaic, heritage, customs, contemporary expression of Korea that have shaped the countries into a dynamic nation. From the delicate elegance of Hanbok, irresistible flavors of Korean cuisine, symphonies of the Korean Language to the meteoric rise of Hallyu and K-pop industry, The Korean Hanami aims to become your bridge to the countless stories, rare traditions and remarkable tapestries of Korea.

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Meet the Founder:

Sanjana Chakraborty is an Indian published author, who writes under the pen name ‘the grey crescent.’ Her creative contents narrate alluring tales and infuse colors to human emotions which further exceeds to the world of fashion, travel, media and entertainment. Her multifaceted expertise additionally explores the depths of human anatomy and physiology through her post graduate degree in ‘Food Science and Nutrition.’ Hanami acts as a prime source of her artful inspirations and she crafts her contents for the website under the pen name ‘Kim Tae In’ expressing her unfiltered creativity towards the place where the wind carries a scent of eternal opportunities.

The First Meet :

On a seemingly ordinary day, the often quiet streets of the city which the great Indian poet and author ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ calls home bustled with regular vendors, vehicles and people who seem to be caught in a chaotic rush. Locals hastily assembled stalls while others speedily made their way through the crowd as if it’s a game and there’s a prize kept at the finish line.

Kim Tae In stood near the sidewalk observing the scene yet indifferent from the urgency that each person present on the street emits. For her, it seemed like the entire world has been trapped in yesterday and the promise of a new morning lay far beyond their reach.

Even though the days on the calendar has made a significant progress, her heart and mind still struggled to learn about the unpredictable weather, new faces and enigmatic alleyways that exudes an emotion similar to the sense of meeting a stranger at midnight.

As dusk descended casting a gentle kiss on the moonlight, Kim Tae In longed for the comforting embrace of her home while anticipating to find only one vehicle that will stop and help her board. She was willing to get congested between the musk of the unfamiliar scents inside the over filled vehicles if that meant she would finally reach the place where she wanted to head.

And then, it happened—a vehicle stopped, and the lone passenger offered Kim Tae In to join. She felt amazed witnessing a spacious vehicle with only one passenger who is willingly to offer her reserved seat even though both of them had a different path to take. The girl introduced herself and their journey began.

While the vehicle moved through the labyrinthine streets of the city, The girl chirped about her world. She was a young girl, shuffling and teetering between school syllabuses and young dreams. Through her thickly rimmed glasses she observed the world with curiosity of a high school teenager who still believes in magic and all things fairy. Her energy akin to the summer rain that brings relief to a blazing day.

It did not take time for her to intrigue Kim Tae In’s attention. Although, Tae In looked distrait yet she was keenly listening to her every word. For two people, who avoid talking to strangers or sharing numbers in such a short duration, a rare connection was forged with the chance encounter. The digits were exchanged, unlocking a door to a world that awaits all the answers that Kim Tae In had been ardently seeking.

A world that will foster her growth, a world that will evolve her soul, a world that will rewrite the life of Kim Tae In and a world that she would call home.