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About Us

About Hanami :

Hanami was born on 12th November 2022. She is the cupid of two lost souls and also the child that these souls look upon. Hanami is all about South Korea and happiness. Here Korean addicted writers share about beautiful South Korea, the Korean language, Korean Culture, K-pop bands (Mostly BTS), K-pop news, Kdrama, Korean skincare, Korean fashion, Korean food, and much more, we’ve a particular section for all topics. From Hallyu talk to creative fiction, from BTS fangirling to Korean language study material for beginner to advanced levels, here you’ll find all about South Korea. The Korean Hanami is a place where dreams blossom.

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About Us:

Park Ji Ara is an Indian influencer who has a knack for learning languages and can speak 6 different languages. Filming and editing videos, creating websites, practicing martial arts, writing, and Fangirling are what she loves to do. Obsessed with the country where people say kimchi instead of cheese. She found her little purple corner in Hanami.

Kim Tae In is all about narrating stories, one that colors people’s monochrome days. She likes to help people who are in need and often finds herself in a puddle of unescaped conflicts. She has weird taste in things and often talks to animals in a language coined herself. Books, stories, the darkness that the night brings, every phase of the moon, stars, and galaxies she often finds herself intrigued by every little thing that makes life worth living. For her, Hanami is a place where her mind finds solace.

The First Meet :

It happened on a random day when the vendors are putting up stalls for their evening sale on a street filled with vehicles that are jam-packed with people. Everybody seems to be in a rush as if the world was stuck yesterday and a new morning is far away.

Kim Tae In was standing by the footpath, for her it was just like any other day. Trying to figure out her life in the new city with mundane weather, new faces, and alleyways that are as good as strangers at midnight.

She longed for home when dusk kissed the moonlight. Hoping this time a vehicle would stop for her to board even if it meant getting herself squeezed between people unknown.

Much to her surprise, a vehicle did stop with only a girl sitting inside. Kim Tae In was amazed. It was no less than a miracle to find a spacious vehicle on such a busy day. The girl introduced herself as Park Ji Ara. 

All the way Park Ji Ara chirped about her life. She was a girl juggling between questions of her school syllabus and dreams that are still young and fresh. Through those rimmed glasses she used to see the world the same way a high school teenager views it. Her vibe was like summer rain, one that cools off the blazing day. Kim Tae In appeared unbothered by her even if she was keenly listening to Ji Ara’s every word.

They never shared their numbers with strangers before but that day they both exchanged their numbers with each other. Never really knowing, that a different world awaits them one which contains all the answers they were searching for, one that they will call home, one that will evolve these souls.