BTS Jimin's Exciting Solo With BIGBANG Taeyang Comeback Updates On 2023
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BTS Jimin’s Exciting Solo Comeback With BIG BANG Taeyang Updates On 2023

BTS Jimin’s upcoming project could be a collaboration with BIGBANG’S Taeyang in January 2023. YG responds to rumors

BTS comeback and solo projects are what every BTS Army dies for. After releasing “With you” ost, fans are looking forward to more solo projects and collaborations of BTS Jimin. So here’s what we heard from industry insiders.

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On 9th Dec 2022, rumors started spreading about Park Jimin’s collaboration with BIGBANG’s Taeyang. Taeyang’s solo album is scheduled to be released In January 2023. This will be unveiled almost 5 years after his 3rd regular album “White Night”. K-pop fans are already hyped about that and BTS Jimin’s collaboration would be the cherry on top!

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YG Entertainment responded regarding this matter saying, Nothing is confirmed till now.

After the BTS hiatus news, we can see back-to-back awesome solo works of BTS members. But we didn’t get to hear much from BTS Jimin. Maybe he’ll come up with his project and surprise his beloved Army.

Are you also looking forward to more BTS and BIGBANG solos? Let us know in the comment section!


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