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    The Korean Hanami

    The Korean Hanami was born on 12th November,2022. A cupid who unites lost souls and a safe space which readers and writes calls home. Hanami loves to explore the rich cultural history of Asia, discovering hidden gems and long lost intricate details forgotten by the modern society. A bridge made of red thread that connects South Korea with the rest of the world and a place where fictional characters comes alive to interact with the real world.

    Her dream destination is South Korea and currently she is unboxing the secrets of the Korean culture, hangul language, K-pop, Hallyu, K-dramas, Korean Skincare, K-Fashion, Korean Cuisine, Animes, Soju, Makgeolli and the drinks list never cease so does the topics.

    Whether you are a culture explorer or hardcore bias shipper, we have a dedicated section for each category. Be it Hallyu talk, K-pop, Creative Short Stories, News, Skincare, Animes or Culture, The Korean Hanami have all the trades that will keep you entertained forever.

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