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This is the Anime that Challenged the Whole Anime Industry

Did you know there is a Bengali Indian Anime that every OTT platform feared to launch due to its unusual storyline?

Wassup Indian Anime Lovers !

Do you remember the days when cartoon channels used to treat us with the timeless stories of Ramayana, Krishna and Hanuman every week? It’s surprising to think that those cartoons which make up a significant part of our 90’s childhood and helped us to learn about our cultures and traditions actually belong to the entertainment category ‘ANIMES’

Yes that’s true, the bond between you and anime dates longer than you could ever imagine and celebrating the bond ‘Studio Durga’ took an initiative to narrate the mystery of our culture through the Japanese lens.

In 2017, the project for the first Independent Indian anime production was announced and later in February 2020 a 20 minute pilot episode was released on Youtube.

The anime was titled as ‘Karma Chakra’ and is said to be made without any collaborations investing above more than 2 years in intricately crafting the multilayered plot which delves around reincarnations, karma and the interconnection of humans with the universe.

Starring notable artists of Tollywood (Bengali Cinema) as the voices of each anime characters, the 2D cast have been vocalized by Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Swastika Mukherjee, Tanushree Shankar, Mir Afsar Ali, Santu Mukherjee, Anik Dutta, Parno Mittra, Swaroop Ghosh, Alaknanda Roy, Shaantilal Mukherjee, Barun Chanda, Shamik Sinha and Rajorshi Basu.

Narrating the life of an orphan girl trying to find her parents along with two others as the central characters, Karma Chakra provokes our thoughts on the mystery of a chance encounter as a destined one. It seamlessly blends themes of romance, drama, mystery and the cosmic connection of how one’s past life choices can affect their current life.

Directed with stunning visuals, Studio Durga faced countless challenges for self producing a manga style anime in India but after years of hunting skilled animators and hustling day and night they finally completed this anime without compromising the quality. Several reputed OTT platforms showed interest after seeing the trailer but were skeptical to take the risk of launch due to its complicated storyline. However Studio Durga did not back off and launched a demo pilot episode on Youtube to make it reach its world wide audience.

The anime has been dubbed in Hindi and Bengali along with English subtitles and the soundtrack of ‘Karma Chakra’ acts a boon towards the provocative recitation of Karma in our day to day lives.

Video Source Youtube | Trailer Video by Studio Durga

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    Wow …such a informative post/blog …I didn’t know that their was Bengali anime too…..I’m going to watch it now … thankyou for sharing beautiful story behind this anmie ..I loved it 💜💯

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