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Thriller Drama “The Fiery Priest” In Talks For Season 2 Comeback

The Fiery Priest Thriller Korean Drama is in talks for its highly anticipated season 2

Popular Korean drama of 2019 “The Fiery Priest” is coming up with highly anticipated season 2.

One of the representatives of SBS revealed that they’re discussing the production of “The Fiery Priest” season 2. But it is not fully confirmed yet.

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The Fiery Priest Season 1: The Fiery Priest is a popular thriller drama starring Kim Nam Gil, Honey Lee, and Kim Sung Kyun. The story is based on a suspicious murder case. The first one is a catholic priest Kim Hae-Il(Kim Nam Gil), who has a dark past and anger management issues. He left the city due to an altercation with a local gang. Soon after he went to a city called “Gudam”, where his senior welcomed him. But after his death, he dedicates himself to finding the senior’s innocence. With time he found that the problem was exciting in the city of Gudam.

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Koo Dae-Young, who is a funny detective, aligned himself with Kim Hae-Il. Park Kyung Sun, who’s a beautiful and smart prosecutor. All of them came together to find the mystery behind an elder Catholic priest’s death.

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The drama teased it’s return with a message saying they we’ll be back, in the final episode.

Watch “The Fiery Priest” meanwhile SBS confirm The Fiery Priest drama’s season 2.


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