Finding Mr. Destiny
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That One Time When Gong Yoo Visited India | Finding Mr. Destiny

Here’s everything you need to know about Gong Yoo Korean-Indian Drama ‘Finding Mr. Destiny’

What if destiny gives you a last chance that will bring back your first love again?  Intriguing right?

Our beloved goblin ‘Gong Yoo’ from the phenomenal supernatural K-drama ‘Guardian: The Great God’ took a trip to India treating a few Indians with his sweet charm. Around 2009-10, Gong Yoo visited 3 different states of India, seemingly Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi to shoot a whole film titled ‘Finding Mr. Destiny.’

The main leads of this rom-com are ‘Gong Yoo’ and ‘Im Soo Jung’  who happens to cross path after Ji Woo (Im Soo Jung) became fed up with her father constantly nagging about marriage. Ji Woo’s father got convinced that rather to struggle financially and emotionally Ji Woo should get married to an eligible suitor or else she will end up as an unmarried hag.

To keep her father’s worry at bay Ji Woo decided to visit an agency specialized for tracing people’s lost love where she met Gi Joon (Gong Yoo) who happens to be an overly passionate, stubbornly precise and obsessed about order, safety and hygiene man who becomes determined to full fill his first job efficiently, even if it means to track down every Korean who shares the similar name as her lover.

Knowing only the name of her first love Ji Woo agreed to travel with Gi Joon to find the man that stole her heart back in India with a sweet short lived romance. Along the way the two polar opposite bicker a lot about her first lover as the statistics showed that there are at least 1108 men who share the same name as her lover which includes a Buddhist monk, an old fat farmer and an unctuous plastic surgeon. 

In the cross country search of tracking down Ji Woo’s first love, Gi Joon found himself helplessly attracted to his client and they eventually grew fond of each other.

Will they able to track down her first love or end up choosing each other is a mystery that can only be solved after watching the movie ‘Finding Mr Destiny’.

Video Taken from Youtube, Credits: CJEntertainmentUSA

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