The Girl With The Daisy Charm
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The Girl With The Daisy Charm

The VI Chapter of Destiny, Yeoubi, Take Me back to the Night We Met, Kindred Spirits and Marriage D Amor is finally here as it explores the discombobulated situation of the boy and the mysterious soul he encountered that night.

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Kim Taehyung. The boy
Picture taken from Instagram, Credits: thv

The boy was about to leave his house when his mother entered his room with a plate of a strawberry cake. The boy paused while tying  his shoes when his mother questioned ‘Where to?’

‘TED!’ His mouth replied before his mind formed the words, gaining a contemplating look from his mother. He could sense his mother’s restlessness and tension which made him sure of the fact that his mother knows about him roaming around at night. He kept quiet and finished the strawberry cake in 2 huge bites, before waving at his mother as he muttered ‘Bye’ followed by an almost inaudible ‘I’ll be back soon’.

One thing that the boy often struggles with is lying to his close ones so when presented by a situation like this, he pushes it away with a non specific answer. Before leaving his house he made sure that his mother was not keeping an eye on him or following him and as he hurried down the 11th crossing, his heart thudded loudly inside his chest while for some reason the backpack felt more weighted than before as if somebody has replaced the book with a pack of stones

When he reached the library’s gate, his hands trembled as he opened the small lock and paved his way through the studded pebble path towards the huge wooden gate. He took a deep breath and pulled the door knob but much to his surprise it did not open this time, rather it seemed like it had been locked for years unknown.

After a few attempts of pushing, pulling, kicking and knocking the gate with his entire strength, he let out a frustrated sigh. He clearly remembered it was open yesterday and he went inside, then how come it’s locked now. Though the 11th street falls in the category of a road less traveled, the few passerbys didn’t fail to pass him a look.

An old cleaner stopped and questioned the boy about the reason to open a building which is of no use, to which the boy replied ‘Just exploring around, Sir’. 

The old man seemed to be not satisfied with the boy’s answer as he tried to enter the building’s gate and was about to trip on his feet  but the boy caught him saving his old bones. He had a face that looked like a dried pumpkin wrapped in drapes, hollow milky eyes and some distorted black symbol on his wrist which made the boy feel intrigued.

For some reason he felt curious to ask the old man about it but he kept his mouth shut as talking will make the man stay for long in this place. So, he quickly replied ‘I was about to leave, just felt intrigued by the building’s structure.’

The boy rushed back to the wooden gate and picked up his backpack, deciding to come at a time when he would not be tailed but before he left the premises, the old man spoke ‘It used to be a magnificent library, many royal authors from worldwide used to contribute to its collection, praising its beauty. Alas we couldn’t save her’. There is a hint of sadness in the old man’s voice as he spoke, taking considerable pauses in between sentences.

‘Her’ The boy caught himself questioning the old man. His eyes softened at the sight of the boy’s face as he nodded and held onto the boy’s arm for support.

The boy didn’t mind him and helped the old man get out of the premises. His heart felt more heavy when he understood that the old man was referring to the building as a person and not the identity that has captured his mind recently. 

Throughout the way the old man rambled about his days when he used to work as a royal guard for the dukes in the building to which the boy paid a deaf ear trying to arrange his thoughts about her and when the old man bid adieu, the boy felt relieved to finally get rid of the old man’s maundering. 

He tried to collect the incidents, searching for a clue from his encounters that can act as a hint to open the library’s gate. Suddenly, he noticed the old man is still standing a feet away from him as he stared at the Library’s building which looked like a gray silhouette from the place they are looking at it and before the boy could form a question to ask, the old man hushed ‘Illusions are just mere echoes of the real’

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Author’s Note:

Wassup Readers!

To be really, really honest with you all, I was contemplating whether to post this chapter or not as the story does stir up my soul everytime I sit and tried to put it into words that will make sense.

For a lot of you, It might be just a short story and I know there’s also some of you who understands what exactly I mean when I say that this story has been a major part of my existence.

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