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Building Bridges Through Culture: A message from our Founder

Let’s get to know each other through my musings.

Annyeonghaseyo Yeorobun!

Welcome to THE KOREAN HANAMI, a one-stop destination for every Asian culture enthusiast.

Some might know me as ‘the grey crescent,’ and for those meeting me for the first time, Hello, I’m Sanjana Chakraborty, a former clinical dietician who fell in love with literature.

I befriended writing in my grad years. Trying to find an escape from the complicated experiences teenage brings, I often found myself sneaking classes to spend time with the wonders of literature.

But, when I finally found the courage to switch streams, I was already checking off boxes for my patient’s diet. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy being a nutritionist. Although, I would not prefer returning to the medical world.

Throughout the years of working under the constant pressure of time, I realized one thing about life: it would never make you compromise unless you are willing to.

So, here I am, quitting my 9 to 5 job to dedicate all the time to mastering new skills, growing my beloved Hanami, and discovering if truly surprises come when you follow your instincts.

For now, I’ll be the sole person nourishing my Korean Hanami and will search for guest authors who would love to contribute.

This musings section is entirely dedicated to thoughts of my mercurial mind, books I read, things I love, and pets I can’t imagine my life without. A section that helps me to learn what I truly want out of life and makes me understand who I truly am.

Fresh content will replace the old ones, and here’s what to expect:

  • EXPLORE ASIA: Take a deep dive into the cultural tapestries of dynamic Asia through food blogs, destination lists, and the less-known quirky aspects that make Asia one-of-a-kind.
  • K-POP: Album reviews, Concert updates, exclusive interviews, and unbiased opinions on the rise of each solo and group.
  • K-DRAMA & MORE: Drama reviews, top picks, Analysis of episodes, and the best of each Asian country.
  • K- BEAUTY: All the skin care secrets straight from your favorite K- celebrity.
  • ANIMES & WEBCOMICS: Character analysis, recommendations, favorites, and the ultimate otakus to your rescue.
  • SHORT STORIES: Creative stories to entertain and help you escape the quotidian.
  • MUSINGS: Everything I’ve learned from life, and you can too.

This blog post is to give you an overview of my Korean Hanami.

Stay tuned for updates and if you wish to connect, here’s where to find me.

LINKED IN: thegreycrescent

INSTAGRAM: the grey crescent & thekoreanhanami

The Korean Hanami Musings of Sanjana Chakraborty

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