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Hi, chingus! Go through the Explore Korea section of the Korean hanami to learn more about Korea. Explore Korean beauty, culture, language, history, and other facts. Korea is a country that has become much different over the years. Some of the things have reached international status while others remain popular only in Korea. It's important to remember that every country develops its cultural trends, though they may differ from one country to another. In a society like ours, where global communication surpasses any other era in history and cultures are intertwined, you might want to explore what other countries have to offer. Go through Korean language study resources if you've fallen in love with this new tone. Learn new languages, and phrases and analyze grammatical points that every beginner should know I hope posts in this Explore Korea section will be able to give you a better idea of Korean culture, history, and much more. If you want to expand your knowledge further.