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Rom-coms to Fantasy! Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Korean Dramas of all time.

Convinced to dive into the world of K-drama? Here’s a list of the Top 10 best Korean Dramas that will make you feel proud of your decision.

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‘STRONG GIRL DO – BONG SOON’ is a fantasy rom-com k-drama that will make you question your instincts about choosing it. Yet, you will find yourself not being able to avert your eyes from the screen.
Packed with triggering suspense, dramatic fight scenes, and romance that will uncage a thousand butterflies inside the stomach. 

A dainty girl fed up with her supernatural strength passed down by her mom. Desperate to prove her delicateness and elegance to her childhood crush who happens to be a police officer and a crime scene that deals with a psychopath kidnapping and murdering. Strong Girl Do-Bong Soon is the best choice for beginners’ K-drama that will keep you hooked for days.

Park Hyung Sik is the other leading artist apart from Park Bo-Young and Ji Soo. He plays the interesting part of Ainsoft game company’s CEO and hires Do-Bong Soon as his bodyguard. Filled with fits of laughter, amusing jealousy of love, and the leads building each other through a series of comical, heartwarming events Strong Girl Do-Bong Soon takes an unexpected turn when Do Bong Soon finally finds her purpose and Hyung Sik reveals the mystery of the girl’s portrait in his wardrobe.

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Another light-hearted K-drama that revolves around friendship, sweet college romance, overcoming traumas, and achieving goals. Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo will snatch your mind back to the good old days of class and hostel memories leaving you with the want of reliving them again. Lee Sung Kyung is the leading actress who plays the character of a weightlifter who builds a crush on a health professional after an umbrella incident.

Trying to balance out a life between her father’s golden dream and her newfound feelings, Kim Bok Joo crosses paths with her elementary school friend (chingu;친구) who happens to be a talented swimmer at her university. With fondness and the sweet callings of our adorable male lead Nam Joo Hyuk, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo portrays the beauty of sportsmanship, young dreams, and the innocence of love along the journey. There were articles too about the main leads’ off-screen relationship and friendship soon after the drama was released.

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If the Korean Hanami ever gets the privilege to preserve unique things in museums, Park Eun-Yeong, Yoon Sung-Sik, and  Kim Yeong-Jo’s minds will ace the list. Set in the period of ancient Silla (신라) Hwarang speaks of bravery, rivalry, brotherhood, passion, and exploring silly romance in between the commotion of royals and peasants.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys the idea of feasting your mind by drawing out uncountable conclusions until the very last episode, Hwarang is the perfect royal dish for it. Getting tricked by an old master to train for the hidden king’s defense, this series flashes light on the lives of an elite youth group. Hwarang talks about the mayhem of the superiors when it comes to claiming the throne.

Accompanied by the rise of multiple interests and potential life threats for the throne, Hwarang will make you feel tortured and solaced at the same time. The special appearance of BTS Kim Taehyung a.k.a V with his childish pure-hearted role will keep you glued to the post-drama depression that follows when the drama ends.

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A hotel named after the moon, a rich and moody owner stuck in the time of her prime youth, a cute ghost bell boy, and a human running errands for the functionality of the hotel which caters to the dead.

Hotel Del Luna showcases the life between death and the ultimate destination of heaven or hell. For souls who die early, suddenly, or become restless due to an unfulfilled desire, the staff of  Hotel Del Luna attends to the unique and intriguing needs of these ghosts and goes beyond limits to fulfill them before sending them off to their next life station.

This k- drama uncovers secrets and hidden age-old sins with gripping jumpscares and the comical love story between our leads and side characters. The visuals, storyline, set up, and the Hotel Del Luna star cast with Korean pop star IU as the central personality make this K-drama a Hallyu megahit.

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Let’s just admit Girls! Some of us have always wished secretly to experience the sweet yet irritating dilemma of choosing between two guys at least once in our entire years.

True Beauty is adapted from Yaongyi’s webtoon. It pictures the life of a chirpy, joyful girl who deals with an inferiority complex for her looks. Bullied by a series of events at the city school, Moon Ga Young our lead protagonist flees to a small countryside school changing her fate overnight through binge-watching YouTube makeup videos.

Her life became her dreamland until she found herself twisted between the two handsome past best friends who had given up their friendship after encountering a dark event. True Beauty K-drama brings out the views and life of typical high school teenagers in extra dramatic ways and a stupid love triangle that will make you choose sides between team Han Seo Jun and team Lee Su Ho.

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Imagine the feelings of accidentally kissing your die-hard crush and not remembering a single moment of it. Ah! The tragedy. Now imagine confessing this to your crush cooking up every worst-case scenario only to hear a reply from your knight in shining armor that he will make sure you’ll never forget it ever again as you both share a passionate kiss. Once Again!

A Business Proposal is a 2022 rom-com office K-drama that keeps viewers interested and invested emotionally without a dull scene throughout the series. The comical and heartwarming romance of our main couple Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejong paired with the steamy love of our supporting roles Seol In-ah and Kim Min Kyu stole the hearts of many.

Getting involved in escorting her best friend from a blind date, our female lead struggled to un-impress the strikingly good-looking blind date mate. Eventually, she learns that it is the president of the company she works for and finds herself stuck between leading her simple life and signing an interesting proposal. Loaded with heart-melting iconic lines this drama will surely leave you with your toes curled and a thumping heartbeat.

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This K-drama is a recent launch that breaks barriers to the overly energized and always motivated social life that you need to maintain. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay features the beauty of healing from your emotional wounds without forcing an obnoxious smile every day. A dripping hot psych-ward male nurse burdened with the responsibilities of his autistic big brother who is traumatized by butterflies after witnessing a life-shaking moment and a gifted children’s stories author whose plots revolve around the darkness of abandonment. This drama paints the picture of self-healing, finding strength, and cherishing the beauty of a complicated life. The chemistry between the trio, the jaw-widening looks of the main leads coupled with their refined acting, and a moral at the end of every piece will make you obsessed from the first scene.

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In life, we have come across the thought of dating a supernatural creature, and the dominance of Hollywood chartbusters like Twilight Saga, Peter Pan, and the Harry Potter Series not to forget Disney with their classic Beauty and the Beast have fed our imaginary thoughts adequately.

The Legend of the Blue Sea unravels the life of a charming con artist and a mermaid who are destined to meet their ill fate in every life. After scamming a wealthy lady with his skilled team, Lee Min Ho flew to Spain for a break near the bays and stumbled upon a peculiar girl who happened to break into his hotel room.

Followed by events of the crazy chase of the gangs, thrill, unrequited love, reincarnations, our mermaid Jun Ji Hyun’s unceasing curiosity for the human world, pearls, and a movie juxtaposed against the ancient Joseon era The Legend of the Blue is a highly anticipated K-drama from the golden year of K- drama’s history.

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Wishing for a break from shipping couples and entertaining trios? Well, The Korean Hanami is here to grant your wish. This pentagon k-drama broadcasting one girl and four knights starts with the base of re-telling the Disney Cinderella storyline. Juggling between 10 jobs and the torture of a witchy stepmother and stepsister the female protagonist dreams of enrolling in college one day.

Impressed by her strong and determined attitude an old chairman of a wealthy corporation persuades her to live with his spoiled grandsons who will be the heirs of the fortune. Forced to take up the offer to clear the downpayment for her college Park So Dam finds herself between a sizzling quadrangle.

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History is filled with urban legends and mythical stories and so is this K-drama on the list. “The Tale of The Nine-Tailed” recites the story of the folklore and urban legends of the Korean community. Foxes, Snakes, Dragons, and Underworld are some of the aspects this drama dwells around.

Determined to find her parents after their sudden disappearance during a car accident Jo Bo Ah’s faith in believing that legends are based on facts made her hunt down a mountain god who is a nine-tailed fox disguised as a human. Stacked with engrossing fight scenes, compelling emotions, and the painful bliss of waiting for a hundred years to finally get the chance to meet your one and only. The Tale of the Nine-Tailed is an ideal K-drama for K – Beginners to enjoy.

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