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Evergreen K- Dramas that will make your 2023 Memorable

Fourteen Binge worthy K- Dramas that will make your 2023 Memorable

Annyeong Chingudeul! Since 2023 is about to wrap up in a couple of months  thekoreanhanami thought of taking a nostalgic ride to the world of everlasting romance and edgy action scenes that will definitely make your 2023 a  memorable one.

Here is a list of the top 12 evergreen Korean dramas that will definitely make you proud of your choice to select K- industry as your chief entertainment source. 

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Guardian : The Lonely and Great God

Renowned as Goblin : The Great God worldwide, this age old fantasy k-drama features K artist ‘Gong Yoo’ as lone goblin Kim Shin, ‘Kim Go Eun’ as teenage goblin bride Ji Eun Tak, ‘Lee Dong Wook’ as grim reaper Wang Yeo, ‘Yoo In Na’ as sassy Chicken shop owner Kim Shun and ‘Yook Sung Jae’ as Goblin’s nephew Yoo Deok Hwa.

A 940 year old goblin cursed with a sword pierced into his heart needs to find his wife who can set him free from the misery. His search eventually leads him to a bubbly highschool teenage girl who talks to ghosts all the time but before he could convince her to help him he learns that she is a missing soul and the grim reapers are on a constant search to hunt her down.

This historical and modern age fusion K-drama is a perfect blend of comedy, romance and emotions that will tear your heart into two pieces. A must watch and among top 3 lists of  best Korean dramas of all time. This masterpiece can never be summed up and defined with words solely.

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King The Land

Featuring sensational K-pop artist Lee Jun Ho as the heir of The King Group, a luxury hotel conglomerate and Lim Yoo Na as a common hotel staff. This new age K-drama revolves around heart melting moments of first romance, inheritance war and the essence of knowing your true worth in the dynamic world.

Goo Won, a strikingly handsome heir, hated people with fake smiles until he met Cheon Sa Rang, a young hotel staff  who got hired for her attractive smile. From the very first episode of King The Land, both the artists will make you obsessed with their comical cat fights and sizzling romance.

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The Uncanny Counter

A hidden gem of Hallyu Industry, this K drama features multiple eminent stars throughout the series which will make me run out of space if I start summoning them. Featuring Business Proposal star Kim Se Jeong as one of the main leads. This supernatural K-drama is filled with action packed scenes that will make you bite off your toes in anticipation.

Three comatose people get together to summon murderous evil spirits. Their fights against the blood thwarted demons draws in a high school boy who has been through a tragic accident that made him handicapped for life. Noodle Shop owners in the morning and  Uncanny Counters by night eventually reveal ugly heart wrenching truths about the Jungjin City which makes them vulnerable to death. The twisted plot of this K-drama forced the directors and production team to release a second season extending the base storyline of this series on popular demand.

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Tale of The Nine Tailed 1938

The 2nd season of the timeless romance ‘Tale of Nine Tailed’. This K-drama features all the previous stars along with two new additions ‘Ryu Kyung Soo’ as Cheon Moo Young and Kim So Hyun as Ryo Hong Joo.

This highly anticipated 2023 drama acts as a prequel of the former as the main lead Lee Yeon gets dragged into the Japanese colonization period of Korea unraveling independence wars, comical scenes and gripping actions that will put you in a dilemma  from the very first episode. Delving deeper into the lives of the mythical creatures and their existence among humans in the historical period, this K-drama has a hidden surprise for all the Lee Rang shippers (the other nine tailed fox).

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Shooting Stars

Still dreaming of meeting your favorite K-pop star? How about dating them in real life? This coming of age K-drama features our beloved ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’s’ actress Lee Sung Kyung and heartthrob K- artist  Kim Young Dae.

A famous Hallyu star who is the face of Star Force Entertainment Agency and a PR head with exceptional crisis handling situations abilities crosses paths entwining their chaotic media dominant lives. This romantic comedy will definitely give you all the feels of dating your favorite K- star in real life.

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Extra Ordinary Attorney Woo

This legal K- drama will definitely become your top favorite if watched once. Starring Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo, Kang Tae Oh as Joon Ho Lee and a multitude of oceanic creatures with Blue Whale as one of the significant characters. Extraordinary Attorney Woo narrates the life of an autistic lawyer dealing with different thought provoking legal dilemmas on each episode. This K- drama was nominated for the International Emmy Awards and the K- actress Park Eun Bin also won the Baeksang Arts Award for her challenging role as Attorney Woo.

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Doom At Your Service

The Korean Industry never fails to amaze us with their unique perspective on romance. If you think you are done wishing for a K-star, Soul Summoners, Nine Tailed Fox and Goblins as your better half then here is a grim reaper who will definitely lock your heart with his awkward charm. 

Featuring Park Bo Young as Tak Dong Kyung and Seo In Guk as Myul Mang. This fantasy romance K-drama dwells around the life of a 9 to 5 web novel editor who wishes for the world to get destroyed after getting diagnosed with cancer. Her wish gets heard by a messenger of gods and humans who happens to be frustrated with his grim reaper life as he is born between dark and light which causes humans to die, countries disappear and seasons collapse if he breathes, walks or smiles.

Other than the interesting plot, what makes this K-drama rank on our evergreen Korean dramas watchlist is the heart warming romance and the bond between the main leads.

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Our Beloved Summer

If you are missing the warmth of the sun and the vibrant backdrop that summer brings, then ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is a perfect romance drama that will make you feel cozy amidst the biting cold. Featuring famous entities Choi Woo Shik of the Wooga squad, Itaewon class K-drama actress Kim Da Mi and K- artist Kim Sung Cheol.

This nostalgic K-drama explores the life of two teenagers with opposite personalities after they grow up and become an adult. The cat fights and strong friendships between the trio along with the fresh take of practically expressing love makes this K-drama a comfort series of all time.

BTS V also shared his love for this K- drama by singing one of title tracks ‘Christmas Tree’

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Tomorrow is a K-drama that took me a full year to complete. This 16 episode K-drama is filled with intricately crafted plots and critical storyline that will make you sob on every episode but if you can endure the pain then it will leave a lasting impression on your heart forever.

Starring eye candies of the K-industry Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Hee Sun, Yoon Ji On and Kim Hae Sook. This psychological K-drama deals with the conflicts of human minds in the fast pacing world. A  young multi talented job seeker fails to secure every job opportunity due to nepotism and bribery in the work industry.

Even after being rejected by every company he refuses to give up on his dream which lands him a job role in the afterworld where he comes across deadly grim reapers who saves people from suiciding.

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A King’s Affection

If you have already watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Tomorrow and are impressed by the K artist Park Eun Bin and Rowoon acting skills, then here’s a spoiler alert: this historical K-drama will definitely leave you breathless for sure.

A young woman disguised as the prince of the nation during the Joseon Dynasty and a heartbroken physician from a noble family. This K-drama portrays the complications of royal life, responsibilities and sacrificing your desires over the nation’s well being.

The young prince makes herself focused on ruling the country until she reunites with her first love who is confused about falling for a man instead of a woman. A King’s Affection is the first South Korean television series to win an International Emmy Awards.

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Fight for My Way

This lighthearted K-drama features K-stars Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Song Ha Yoon and Ahn Jae Young.

Four friends who aspire to achieve their individual dreams struggle to deal with their day to day cash dread life which gradually leads to more fights and struggles questioning their friendship and faith towards each other. When the drama was released in 2017 it ranked and topped the popularity lists of television series for 3 consecutive weeks and was critically acclaimed for its realistic storyline.

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A Time Called You

This South Korean Netflix series is an adaptation of the Taiwanese Television Series ‘Someday or One Day’. Starring K artists Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Been, Kang Hoo and Kim Yi Kyung, this modern time travel K-drama talks about an ambitious woman who not being able to cope with the death of her lover travels back to 1998 where he meets a man who resembles with his dead lover. Although ‘A Time Called You’ resonates the drama plot of young adult romance yet the unpredictable storyline makes it rank as a thriller K-drama also.

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Crash Course In Romance

This 2023 K-drama was a commercial hit and became the highest rated dramas in Korean cable television history. It shines light on the life of a young Korean mother struggling to make her child earn a place on a cutthroat top organization of the nation which promises to help her child ace the war of Korea’s college entrance exams.

Everything was predetermined for her child’s bright future  until she finds herself tangled in a budding romance with a famous hagwon instructor. The main leads of this trending K-drama are performed by Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho.

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Because This is My First Life

This unique drama starring K-artist Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min recounts the life of a socially awkward computer designer who has bought a luxury apartment but is struggling to keep up with the mortgage. Having had enough of renting his spare room to bad tenants he decides to rent his apartment to that one broke writer who checks all the boxes of being a good roommate until he finds out that the person is a woman.

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