Top 5 BTS Versatile Songs & Their Surprising Meanings That Every BTS Army Can Relate

ELECTRIFYING POPS, SAVAGE RAPS, AND SOULFUL MELODIES. Here is the top 5 BTS song that has shocking hidden truths. Go through to know more about top BTS songs that every army must listen to.

Top 5 BTS Versatile Songs & Their Surprising Meanings That Every BTS Army Can Relate


Ranking on the top is the song by which this author was first introduced to the purple world. 

Blood Sweat and Tears launched on October 10, 2016, as a single from their second studio album “Wings”.

The video features RM, Suga, J Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and V of BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan.

The music video for Blood, Sweat, and Tears portrays the temptations of humans’ desires and wants.

The video starts with the septet wandering casually in Renaissance-themed museums. Jin the oldest member was shown to be captivated by a portrait of  ‘THE FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS’. 

It is a portrait that defines a war between the good and the bad. The video unfolds scenes of sweet temptations, corrupted youth, and fallen angels that furthermore convey the threats of uncontrolled obsessions. Each statue, portrait, feather, glass of elixir and drop of wax has a mountain of hidden insights.

Video Credits : HYBE LABELS

It is a direct reference to the book  ‘Demian’ a masterpiece written by ‘Hermann Hesse’. Influenced by the ideas of the German philosopher Nietzsche. Nietzsche believed that humans should build their own identities through self-realization without depending on something that is transcending. Each piece shown worked in perfect sync with the other, painting a bigger picture than what meets the eye. 

Filled with multiple biblical references and dark aesthetics. The words ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ symbolize pain. The pain that a person goes through unveiling the blindfold of traditions. To expand and shed the naive skin to become what he/she truly meant to be. It’s a classic example of how both good and bad need to reside in one. The light and dark themes play the part of pain and pleasure in choosing it. Embracing the idea of knowing your own self while being aware and one to both worlds. The broken image of Jin depicts the break free from his past perspectives and finally embracing his inner true self.

Out of the many aesthetics, the most iconic is Suga playing the piano as Pistorius. Jin lets go of the balloon symbolizing his innocence while Rm reads the lines referencing Max Demian as the tempter. Also, Jin kisses the statue of the god Abraxas. It acts as a symbol of Jin offering himself to Abraxas breaking the realms of the black-and-white world. Blood Sweat and Tears is also available in the language Japanese.


The next beautiful piece of BTS is their ballad song ‘Spring Day’ released in the year 2017. 

Spring Day, inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s novella “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” (1973) and Bong Joon Ho’s movie ‘Snow Piercer’. It also refers to the tragic loss of the 2014, Sewol Ferry Disaster.

‘The Sewol Ferry Disaster’ is a heartwrenching incident that left Korea mourning for months. In 2014, a ship en route from Incheon to Jeju sank due to negligence in inspection and overloading. The ship crew’s concealed truth led to the loss of more than 100 youths. Most of the passengers were high school students who went on a field trip sightseeing. The students were ordered to stay in their cabins by the higher authorities until it was too late. Only 172 passengers survived the wreck among the count of 476 passengers and crew. 306 passengers died in the disaster majority of which around 250 were students from Danwon High School.

BTS ‘Spring Day’ reflects on the loss, yearning for the past, and the endearing love for the souls that left. The song starts with V bowing down on a train track, as a survivor of the Sewol Ferry Disaster. He wishes to be dead too like his friend as the train sound rolls in.

Video Credits : HYBE LABELS

The matchstick lit up by Jungkook is a reference to the fairy tale ‘Little Match Girl who can see her loved ones who have passed away every time she matches a light. The abandoned cases stacked on the train where RM sings ‘Time’s so cruel, I hate us’ symbolize the dead students who never came back home after that day. RM forwarding the train’s head is a classic inspiration from the Snowpiercer movie in which the guy heads for Justice trying to take down the higher authorities who oppressed the lower classes. RM gets attacked and threatened by their superiors in the merry birthday fight.

The train in the music video refers to a world in which the passengers are unaware that a world also exists outside the train. Jin’s staircase scene symbolizes how he is unable to grow when everybody is moving upward. The cheerful scenes are a sign of moving on, a contrast to Jin’s laundry scene that pleads for the remembrance of the young souls with a ‘Don’t Forget’ sticker pasted on each washing machine. 

Suga sitting on a pile of clothes portrays the number of dead bodies and J hope playing with a paper plane acts as a contrast of moving on of the survivors in their day-to-day life. Spring Day is a collection from the album ‘You Never Walk Alone’ which can be seen in the music video. Boldly written on a merry-go-round with yellow ribbons, from a campaign started as a justice for the lost souls.

Jungkook running finally towards the direction of Namjoon with the scene where he sees himself through the train refers to the idea of bidding adieu to the departed ones and moving on finally. This music video also showcases the classic story sense of “The One Who Walks Away from Omellas” in which it says how one’s happiness can be another’s suffering. 

Jimin breaking free from the train case at the end of the scene inviting others to tag with him along with the naked tree, in the end, signals hope for a new beginning.

The most iconic line from this song that will forever be engraved in this writer’s heart is “ You Know it all, you are my best friend, one day the morning will come again’

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Dynamite is the first English Single of the Korean boy band BTS. Released on August 21, 2020, through Big Hit Entertainment and Sony Entertainment.

This is the first song in which the members of the band did not contribute to the lyrics and productions.

David Stewart and Jessica Agombar are the writers of DYNAMITE and Stewart also produced the song.

The seven boys wanted an English Single to connect to the international army. David stepped in right away suggesting words that came to his mind. He thought of something upbeat and fun that can make people groove during the COVID-19 pandemic. He advised the band to try out music that became Explosive and eventually the word Explosive became Dynamite.

Dynamite, formed in a Zoom meeting before the final draft was sent. It was pushed for later days but came as an early surprise afterward. The song’s launch time changed from the original KST to ensure it do well on the international charts.

BTS wanted to connect to the world on a broader level and with the release of Dynamite, it set three Guinness world records and become the fastest most-viewed video on Youtube. It crushed all the previous records of their fellow bands like Black Pink’s ‘How you like that and also became their first song to bag a Grammy nomination.

Video Credits : HYBE LABELS

Dynamite is a song that speaks about hope, love, fun, positive vibes, energy, purity every little thing that makes our life worth living. Dynamite audio features a funky baseline and celebratory horns with snapping handclaps and echoings synths.

The video showcases the BTS band in pastel-tone clothes dancing with a sunset sky backdrop. It also includes scenes influenced by 1970s music picturing them in cheerful disco melodies and retro outfits. The song video also pays homage to their favorite musicians like Le Bron LeBron James, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and King Kong with shoutouts to different pop culture references.

Dynamite is a song that came as a blazing hope during the pandemic crisis and the first line in the intro, sung by our golden maknae will make you start grooving right away.

P.S. – Book an appointment with your doctor immediately if this song doesn’t make you sway. You need a serious check-up!


PIED PIPER, unveil on September 18, 2017. The song is a collection from BTS’s fifth mini album ‘Love Yourself: HER.  This was also the best-selling album of 2017.

The bond between BTS and their fans, popularly known as the BTS ARMY is world-renowned. They share a bond as popular as the American TV series ‘FRIENDS’. Time and again the band’s love towards their army reflected on their tours, concerts,  messages, and song lyrics. 

BTS has always expressed their deeper gratitude to their fans that stole the hearts of millions in their various lives and chat shows. Be it Kim Namjoon’s savage punishments for not completing your work or Jimin’s heartfelt concern about your health, they never missed a chance to let the Army know that their band is incomplete without us ‘cause we’re not seven with you.

Video Credits : BANGTAN TV

However, Pied Piper rails against, the societal addicting K – POP fan culture and their obsessive nature of shipping, derived from fanatics.

What makes the song remarkably perfect is how it addresses a societal problem through lyrical tough love, affection, and soft melody that make the strong lines lightheartedly delivered. 

This song is a perfect pull for the fans to indulge in BTS more while subtly guiding them to work for their dreams. Throughout the song lyrics, it talks about how the fan’s parents are tensed about the obsession evoked by the band members in the lives of the Army. It also talks about how distracted the ARMY feels while consuming BTS content and pleads them to do better in their lives.

Filled with contrasting lyrics like ‘stop interpreting the videos, Work on yourself, I am here to save you, I am here to ruin you, I know you are guilty of what you are doing but I’m taking over you with the alluring melody triggers emotions unknown. 

Written by the three rappers of the group Rap Monster, Suga and J- Hope, their company’s CEO Hitman Bang, and other collaborators, this song reflects upon ideas of the German legend Hamelin ‘Pied Piper’in which a tall, thin rainbow color dressed man with piercing eyes used to play a pied piper that allures children away from their parents. This story is said to be based on real-life incidents.

The track also refers to the Biblical tale of the Garden of Eden. The band was showcased as both paradise and fruity temptation that led Adam and Eve away.

BTS never back down to take risks with their music. These kinds of confident, taunt music and their blatant approach to fans are examples of what makes them set apart.

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This is another dual audio of BTS. MIC DROP was released by BTS on November 24, 2017.

Available in both Korean and Japanese with a remixed version of Steve Aoki. A groovy hip-hop number with gunshot audio and heavy bass. The remix includes Edm synths and trap-infused synthesized drum beats over the original hip-hop melody.

Video Credits : HYBE LABELS

Inspired by US President Barack Obama’s mic drop at the ‘White House Correspondents Dinner in 2016’, this song talks about BTS doing their thing and knowing that they nailed it. With lyrics that reflect on the celebrations of enormous achievements and uncountable trophies, this song narrates about their hard work in achieving such world-class popularity.

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Author Words:

I was just a high schooler back then who was obsessed with pop culture. I used to deliberately skip every Indian channel because I was way too cool to listen to something Indian. Finally being able to overcome the heartbreak from my imaginary relationship with Justin Bieber and feel content about whatever the other life brings.

I felt glee, just when the faint music rolled in with the classic scene of a boy’s group exploring casually the Renaissance-themed museums. Jin stared at a painting that depicted a war between good and evil THE FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS and soon the scene changed to other members. Their visuals trigger my interest and soon a new scene appeared with a new member! Our eyes met for a brief second and I knew that I found him finally and it was time for me to run away as far as I can before our lives find each other to entwine again.

What BTS song introduced you to the purple universe? Let us know in the comment section below.



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