"Favorite Pop Duo Or Group" & "Favorite K-Pop Artist" at AMAs 2022.
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BTS’s Latest Record With Consecutive Wins As “Favourite Pop Duo Or Group” At The AMAs 2022

BTS sets the latest record with their historic four consecutive wins at AMAs as “Favorite Pop Duo Or Group” & “Favorite K-Pop Artist”

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan are the beloved record breakers of the Army. Bangtan boys keep breaking records with their masterpiece music, choreography, and popularity. This is the “record-break” month for our Bangtan boys. After making history of triple nomination in Grammy with their latest “Yet To Come”, They’ve set another record after winning “Favorite Pop Duo Or Group” & “Favorite K-Pop Artist” at AMAs 2022.

BigHit officially announced the good news of winning “Favorite Pop Duo Or Group” & “Favorite K-Pop Artist”, while thanking Army for their love and support.

BTS made another history with ‘YET TO COME’ as a GRAMMY nomination for 2023

Five years ago in 2017, They made their American television show debut with “DNA” on American Music Awards aka AMAs. It was one of their global success.

BTS was nominated as “Favorite K-Pop Artist” alongside other popular groups such as Twice, BLACKPINK, TXT, etc.

Also, BTS was nominated as “Favorite Pop Duo or Group” alongside nominees Coldplay, Dragons, One Republic, etc.

BTS latest record as "Favorite Pop Duo or Group" & "Favorite K-Pop Artist"
BTS latest record as “Favorite Pop Duo or Group” & “Favorite K-Pop Artist”

Hybe confirmed BTS’s mandatory military enlistment. BTS bagged away three grammy nominations and set history with their ‘YET TO COME’.

Finally, they won the title of “Favourite Pop Duo or Group” & “Favorite K-Pop Artist” at America’s largest fan-voted award show AMAs. But the best part is BTS became the first artist or band with their fourth consecutive win in AMAs 50 year history.

We can observe many more upcoming project rumours of BTS members. Stay tuned for more k-pop news & updates.



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