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This is what RM wanted BTS to be?

The hidden message in BTS RM Wildflower

Annyeong Chingudeul!

Today was a slow day at the @thekoreanhanami headquarters that made us nostalgic about life, dreams and the journey of our BTS members. In less than 2 months, BTS Army will be enlightened with the dates of the quartet Korean boys left to fulfill their duty towards their motherland.

With Jin, J Hope and now Suga joining the group of South Korean bravehearts, RM is lined up for the next soldier to join the hyung trio. As everybody is already aware of the gifts each BTS member left before beginning their military conscription, RM was among one of the initial members to treat us with his inspiring track ‘Wildflower’ from his solo album ‘Indigo.’

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Kim Namjoon  has always inspired the world with his dynamic thoughts and way of speaking but when it comes to composing music, he dedicates his heart and soul like the other six members expressing his true self while intertwining the lives of their purple Army.

Wildflower is one of the many soundtracks of RM’s solo album which portrays the journey of BTS leader Kim Namjoon as a music sensation of the world. RM specifically chose the name ‘Wildflower’ contrasting to the presentation of ‘Fireworks’ in his music video as according to various sources RM said that he didn’t want BTS to be like fireworks. 

Sure, the fireworks are beautiful and one of a kind but once they die down people tend to forget the mesmerizing beauty that lights up the dark skies even if it was just for a while. So, he wanted BTS to be like flowers as when we throw flowers in the air the petals get carried out by the wind and when it lands finally, it lands gently engulfing the ambiance with its bewitching essence.

Kim Namjoon wants BTS to become an artist who leaves a positive impact in the expeditious music industry, a group where artists, fans and people of varied fields can return to when they feel like there’s no hope or light.

Not Sparkly Fireworks that die out within seconds but shredded petals that bring backs the cherising memories with its distinctive scent.

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Video Source: Youtube | Video Credits : HYBE LABELS

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