The 8th member of BTS

The 8th Member of BTS | Bangtan Sonyeondan |

The 8th Member of Bangtan Sonyeodan a.k.a BTS revealed now

The 8th member of Bangtan Sonyeondan has always been a mysterious person in BTS Army life. Countless fan edits, fanfictions, wild theories, and even that cute little imagination of y/n being the 8th BTS member have made us euphoric always.

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But, Did you know there was really an 8th member of BTS? There is a person in South Korea who almost debuted with the Bulletproof Scouts a.k.a Bangtan Sonyeondan. Yes! You read it right. A person who used to sleep on the top bunk just above J-Hope’s bed. Share the room with RM, Suga, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jin. A person who trained with BTS and holds moments dearly of their rookie days.

According to Vice Asia, Kim Ji-Hun popularly known by his youtube name Bitoon was a member of BTS. He used to train with the seven members of BTS and was considered the 8th member of the group. 

In the video of vice asia, Kim Ji Hun shared moments and talked about their rigorous routine as trainees. He thinks those are one of the happiest days of his life. He showed us the places where they all used to train together, spend time and make memories to cherish. He also revealed, how often he gets asked if he feels jealous seeing his fellow mates achieve such huge success. Kim Ji Hun confessed how he happens to envy them sometimes but not for their worldwide fame or money but for the way all the seven members always stick together no matter what the occasion.

When vice asia interviewed Kim Ji Hun, the video went viral. Kim Ji Hun also admired how BTS made such a wide range of audiences inspired by their hard work and talent, irrespective of gender, race, and age group. He also discusses the time when he got a call from BigHit to train for BTS and how magical he felt realizing that hard work always pays off. He was both happy and scared while driving to Seoul for the BigHit audition as there were 20 more trainees who were exceptionally good in their field.

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Presently Kim Ji Hun is leading a peaceful life working as a government employee at the Korean Veteran’s Health Services. He also runs a youtube channel named Bitoon and wishes to throw a party for BTS and their past members together someday. 

After Kim Ji Hun got cut off from the band, his mother collapsed due to the shock, and later he never return to train with the group as he suffered a series of depression from his fall. During RM and his graduation, all 7 members went there to meet with Kim Ji Hun and capture their last days of school memories.

BTS Total Members | 8th Member Revealed

There was also a time when Kim Ji Hun secretly snuck into the building where they used to hone themselves up with fried chicken and re-confirmed that if they are actually debuting with the name Bulletproof Scouts; Bangtan Sonyeondan as their band name. Kim Ji Hun used to think it was a funny name and also revealed that all the members were very passionate and hard-working right from the start.

Kim Ji Hun lost touch with BTS in their 20’s when they started getting famous and now he doesn’t like to share with people that he was a BTS member too because of the band’s meteoric rise and fame. 

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About The Band :

BTS consists of 7 members since their debut days Kim Seokjin a.k.a Jin, Jung Hoseok a.k.a J-Hope, Park Jimin a.k.a Jimin, Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga, Jeon Jungkook a.k.a JK, Kim Namjoon a.k.a RM, and Kim Taehyung a.k.a V.

BTS 8th member revealed | Revealed BTS member
Bangtan Sonyeondan

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