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Destiny (운명) | A Story for Those Who Love to Read

The mandatory post because it’s hanami one of the favorite people b’day today. Happy Birthday, Taehyungie!

Hello Readers!

Well, when the world is hypnotized by the deep velvet voice of Kim Taehyung, I thought why not share a piece with you all something that will be a monthly or maybe weekly update for the thekoreanhanami creatives. Happy Reading!

A story of love which the world treasures.

He stared for the nth time at the vast sky studded with a million stars like a navy velvet cover sprinkled with glitter dust, holding tight to the half-ripped letter as if his world would crumble down if he lose it by any chance.

It’s funny how his conscience just mocks at him while the above thought crosses his head reminding the boy that he had already lost her, back in time when the so-called pragmatic world tore them apart.

‘Her’ the lyrics to his songs, the light to his dark, the bright rays that could warm his cold heart and the only hope that he carried deep in his frozen heart for years untold.

Etched in his memories and on the half-torn paper, his mind took him back to the golden days of their young love. A time that destiny can only take credit for, a time that will make people believe in wonders and how twin souls end up finding each other no matter how far they wander.

In the late 80’s when the world was grooving to soft rock and smooth jazz. Their eyes met in a hallway of a closed library that had haunted stories written on the walls with invisible ink. Only children who are brave can see those blood-dripped letters and witness the dead couple dancing down the hallway.

Every night, after 8:00 clock nobody dares to go that way or cross that 11th street as people who pass always hear the sound of laughter and giggles coming out from that shut abandoned property.

The boy flashed the light right onto her face making her half-blind as she cursed.

‘Are you dead’? The boy asked her as the girl gather her heavy books which were scattered all over.

‘Helloooo! Can you hear me? Are you deaf and dead?’ The boy asked again, waiting for her to slice the eerie silence of the murky library.

But not even a whiff of breath gets out. The girl kept collecting her books from the ground.

The boy swift over to her picking up a book quickly before she could object. She gets up demanding it back as she tries to snatch it but the boy holds it up high stepping away slowly making the girl struggle to get it back.

‘Hey. You can talk at least. That’s a good start.’ The boy replied, taunting her.

‘You better give it back right now or it will be… Before she could finish her sentence, the girl hit her little toe on the dusted desk corner, ‘Holy Cow!’ She exclaimed in disgust while curling on the floor to ease the pain.

The boy settled right in front of her before stating ‘Well you get hurt too, that means you are all flesh and bones. 10 points to me to figure out two correct answers in less than a minute.

The girl rolled her eyes while getting back up and replied. ‘Great Champ! you will definitely be crowned as the nerd of the year, Congrats!’

‘What about your book?’ The boy asked as he watched her walk past away after collecting her books and headed towards what seemed like an endless dark section.

‘You can keep it! Smack your head with that once every day and who knows you become an astronaut by next week’. The girl replied never really looking back at the boy again.

‘Where are you going? It looks scary and unsafe. Don’t go there. The boy spoke as he felt skeptical about the thought of following her in the dark.

‘To rest in my coffin’ The girl replied with a hushed chuckle that sliced the quiet.

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Author’s Note:
I don’t know when the next chapter will be up but I hope you love the meeting of two characters who might take you on a space shuttle of memories.

Till next

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