Suga Will Work As Social Agent
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BTS Suga Will Serve As Social Agent In Military Service

BTS is going to serve in Military one by one. Already oppa Jin joined the military on 13th Dec 2022. Now the next candidates who are in the frontline are RM, Suga and Jhope. Today we’ll share what we have heard about Suga’s military enlistment.

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According to ‘Ilgan Sports‘ ‘ report, Suga has scheduled his military enlistment until the end of 2023. He received consideration from the Military Manpower Association to postpone enlistment until the age of 30 (According to the international age count system). Our boy is already 29 years old.

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But here’s what makes Amrys relieved. Suga will work as a Public Service Worker, being the only member who’ll be excluded from active physical duties. He’ll work as a public service worker at government offices. And the reason is his shoulder injury.

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As we all know, he injured his shoulder in a hit-and-run accident back in his teenage years. Our brave boy passed his trainee days with an injured shoulder. Back in 2020 he went through shoulder surgery to correct the Labrum of his left shoulder.

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Though according to the rules of South Korean Military Service, a public service worker can also serve for active physical works. But only when they’re comfortable.

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BigHit also responded to the report by Ilgan Sports saying nothing could be confirmed now.

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Well, we expect our boys to be well. We’ll stay by their side the rest of our life. No matter how long it takes, our support and love will be the same for each and every Bangtan boys.


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