Alice Mocks Jung Won Young
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Alice Members Received Hate For Mocking IVE’s Jung Won Young

Alice Members Received Too Much Hate For Mocking IVE’s Jung Won Young’s Eating Style

Alice, formerly known as ELRIS members, were shooting behind-the-scenes videos for their official YouTube Channel. They got some big, juicy strawberries. Meanwhile, an offscreen member asked them to eat strawberries with both hands.

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Sohee asked if they should eat like “ohm nom nom” or “ang”. Then Yeonje replied saying they should go with ohm nom nom, which made everyone laugh more. Chaejeong added that she can’t do it.

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Actually, IVE’s Jang Won Young’s way of eating strawberries using two hands on “The Manager” variety show. Won Young herself received so much hate as many fans claimed that she is trying so badly to be cute. But many supported her as well.

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Soon after the clip went viral on different social media sites. Many fans asked Alice to apologize to Won Young for mocking her.

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