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Top 15 Amazing Facts About Korean Table Etiquettes That You Should Know Before Going To Korea

A detailed guide to Korean table manners/etiquettes and the top 15 amazing facts about Korean table manners, that will save you from embarrassing moment in South Korea.

South Korean culture knows how to get along with new people. And, Korean food is one of the best ways that can make a heart-to-heart connection by tantalizing your taste buds with the most flavorful feasts. Also, the authenticity of Korean food would be conserved better when eaten according to their etiquette. So let’s go through the Top 15 table etiquettes of South Korea.

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Koreans express their love by cooking tasty food to express love, it symbolizes care and love for the person. So, to appreciate their love and avoid being rude unknowingly, take a look at these top 15 table manners.

Table etiquette or (식사 예절) is very important to show respect and gratitude to your partner. If you’re planning to travel to South Korea, table manners are something you should learn first. Lousy table manners might make you feel embarrassed leaving a stain on a memorable trip. So, to save you from your future clumsy self this article will not only help you learn Korean table manners but also some phrases and words to score higher points in the native Korean chingudeul (친구들) list. 

Eating Etiquettes:-

  1. Always let your partner or elder begin eating-
  2. Wait for the elderly to hold their chopsticks or spoon first.
  3. Stay seated until the elderly finish eating.
  4. Koreans usually say “I’ll eat well.” before eating and “I ate well” after finishing their food.
  5. Don’t take a rice bowl in your hand while eating.
  6. Always help in serving and sharing portions. Help others in different activities while eating, like grilling meat
  7. Be the first to set up utensils, and napkins & pour water.
Korean table manner: Eat eating etiquettes
Korean Table Manners: Eating Etiquettes

Drinking Etiquettes:-

  1. Slightly support your elbow while pouring & use two hands when receiving alcoholic beverages.
  2. Don’t reject directly when an elderly or partner is offering food or drink. Don’t forget to offer them back.
  3. Slightly turn your face to the side while drinking alcohol. Also, don’t forget to slightly cover your glass with your hand.
Korean Table Manner: Drinking Etiquettes
Korean Table Manner: Drinking Etiquettes

Utensil Etiquette-

  1. Don’t put a spoon or chopstick straight into a bowl.
  2. Chopsticks and spoons are supposed to be placed on top of a bowl or beside it on a glass or porcelain holder. Make sure to place them accordingly if you’re not using them.
  3. Use a clear utensil to take food from big containers.
  4. Place your chopstick aside and fold the napkin after you’re done eating.
  5. Don’t forget to compliment your meal and the precious time you spent at the end.
Korean Table Etiquettes About Utensils
Korean Table Etiquettes About Utensils

Hopefully, You’ve learned something new about Korean culture and Korean table manners. Annyeong!


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