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Karina finally met her ultimate fan who herself is a Kpop Idol

IVE’s maknae Leeseo got her Christmas gift a little more early this year

The K-pop culture has taken up the world like a storm. Be it hours of fan chanting or re-decorating rooms with our favorite idol pics, Fanship never fails to fill our hearts with butterflies. According to Koreaboo, recently IVE’s youngest member ‘Leeseo’ finally met her idol ‘Karina’ of the girl group ‘Aespa’.

The news surfaced with the details; during an episode of ‘The Manager’ Leeseo, the youngest member of IVE, was spotted with Aespa’s Karina’s postcard pictures on her bedside wall.

As soon as the episode aired fans of IVE’s Leeseo instantly became the messengers to inform Aespa’s Karina about her cute fanship and love. Karina also recognized her little fan girl right away and responded that she would love to have a chat with maknae Leeseo.

Fans showered for Karina’s response and also shared that she has made Leeseo’s day with her kind response.

Afterward, a video was also shared on Twitter with the caption of how Leeseo went into fan girl mode and blushed to watch Karina’s video of reacting to a fan’s message about her fanship.

The two idols later finally got a chance to meet with each other at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun. Leeseo greeted Karina first and soon Karina held Leeseo’s hand initiating a brief chat before Leeseo has to move away with the other members.

A different fan cam perspective also showcased how Aespa’s Karina waited for IVE’s Leeseo to grab a chance to talk to the group’s youngest member Leeseo. The amicability shared by the two beautiful idols proved that they might have met before and already known each other.

About The Bands :

‘IVE’ is a South Korean all-girl 6-member k-pop band that debuted under ‘Starship Entertainment’ on December 1st, 2021. Their first single album ‘Eleven’ ranked on several charts just after its release and also made ‘IVE’ the fastest girl group to win first place since its debut. The album surpassed 100 million views in hardly less than 3 months and won 13 times in music shows. It also earned a triple crown on ‘KBS2’s Music Bank’, ‘MBC’S Music Core’, and ‘SBS Inkigayo’.

‘Aespa’ is another South Korean girl group of 4-members who debuted under ‘SM Entertainment’ on November 17, 2020. Their first single album ‘Black Mamba’ broke records and ranked one on the K-pop music video charts of China’s ‘QQ Music’, the biggest music streaming service for three weeks straight. Aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ also earned them their first music show win on SBS’s Inkigayo on January 17, 2021

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