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Ji Soo School Violence Accuser Is Dismissed Without Charges : Proven Innocent

Ji Soo has applied for financial support and filed a civil lawsuit for damages against the accuser.

On January 17th, the police issued a non-prosecution disposition (no charge) against a netizen whom actor Ji Soo had filed a complaint against for violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Only and Information Protection (defamation). The controversy over Ji Soo’s alleged school violence first came to light in March 2021 when a netizen posted an article claiming that they had been bullied by Ji Soo during school.

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At the time, Key East, Ji Soo’s agency, stated that they needed time to confirm the facts regarding the alleged school violence. They stated that they had received information via email and would collect all data accurately and without any distortion. In the same month, Ji Soo’s contract with Key East was terminated and he began taking legal action against false rumors.

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Ji Soo posted a handwritten apology on Instagram on March 4, 2021, saying, “I would like to sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by me. I have absolutely no room for excuses for my actions in the past. I now beg forgiveness from those who were undoubtedly deeply hurt for a long time, seeing me acting, and I will reflect on the unforgivable actions of my past and repent. Once again, I beg for forgiveness on my knees to all those who were hurt by me.” Despite the non-prosecution disposition, Ji Soo has applied for financial support and filed a civil lawsuit for damages. The prosecution’s investigation remains, and he continues to maintain that the rumors are groundless.

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