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The Birth Flower of Each BTS Member | Korean Flower Symbolism

The symbolism of flowers in Korean Culture and their significance to each BTS individual birth date.

Nature has always been one of god’s greatest art pieces. The brilliant green that the mountains wore, the cerulean sky where the winged creatures fly, the cotton clouds living a gypsy life, or the white kaftan that nature flaunts elevating high. Time and again Nature has always mesmerized and healed us in uncountable ways. The symphonies of the seas, the companion of its breeze, and the days of gentle rain which make the ancient art piece vibrant again. 

One of the eye-catching creations of mother earth is flowers. Pink, yellow, blue, and purple, flowers are the constant rainbows that decorate our earth.

From ancient times, flowers hold significant values in Korean culture. Each bloom carries hidden meaning and qualities with it and thus gifting flowers cannot be a casual talk only. We have often seen in K-dramas about the girl/guy asking the florist to help them choose flowers that holds the accurate meaning of the giver.

Remember the buckwheat that the Goblin’s bride received.

In Korean culture, a person’s name and date of birth are believed to influence their destiny. Likewise, their birth flowers signify their nature and quality. It is important to know the exact date of birth along with the day and month to determine one’s birth flowers.

So before you elope from this site to find out about your birth flower. Let’s dive into the floral world to learn some interesting facts and myths about the birth flowers of our seven gentlemen.

Kim Taehyung a.k.a BTS V

Birthday: 30th December 1995

Birth Flower: Carolina Allspice (납매)

This eastern sweet shrub or spice brush is known for its alluring smell and eccentric beauty. The bark often replaces cinnamon sticks, and petals used for making tea, and the alluring spicy smell attracts beetles and makes it a perfect ornamental piece. This species is often considered a pollinator of flora but serious precautions must be taken as consuming can lead to skin allergies, infections, and heart convulsions.

Traditional Korean women often like to wear it n the bodice of their garments because of its beauty and sweet spicy scent. The flower symbolizes benevolence along with deep, tender love. Even after possessing some baleful qualities, this flower is well-known for its crimson shades and captivating fragrance.

Taehyung V Birth Flower | Carolina Allspice
Taehyungie’s Birth Flower

The connection between our winter bear and his birth flower lies in the fact that Kim Taehyung is shipped worldwide for its duality and strikingly attractive visuals. His looks are so rare that even dermatologists believe that his kind of perfection cannot be achieved through surgery also. His beauty is one of the main reasons why Bang PD kept him treasured in the initial days of the ‘Bangtan Boys’ debut as many agencies were hawking to snatch away V from BigHit Music.

Jeon Jungkook a.k.a  BTS Jungkook  /  JK

Birthday: 1st September 1997

Birth Flower: Tiger Lily (호랑이꽃)

This freckled flower is the perfect blend of yin and yang. Reigning from ancient Korea, the tiger lily flower signifies nobility, confidence, positivity, harmless pride, vibrancy, and wealth. Due to its bright orange color, it also represents energy, balance, and enthusiasm. 

The black spots in the petals are considered coins which adds up to the value of why it is known as a symbol of wealth. The Tiger lily is an expensive flower since ancient Korea and gifting it holds special meaning.

Jungkook Jk Birth Flower | Tiger Lily
Jungkook’s Birth Flower

The Tiger lily is not as poisonous as many other species of lilies but it can be fatal to our feline friends. The cat species are allergic to this flower and growing it in homes needs extra precaution. This flower carries viral diseases which can be dangerous for your surrounding plants and lilies too but with special care, this will definitely be the show stopper of your garden.

There are superstitions and other myths that the Tiger lily carries with it one of them is if you sniff a tiger lily you might develop freckles too on your face. Another popular superstition is how Koreans believe that planting them around your home outdoors will shoo away ghosts, ward off evil spirits and evade bad spells.

The connection between our golden maknae and this flower is how Jungkook even after excelling in every sector still chooses to be humble and attracts people with his dynamic personality. The coin-shaped spots in the flowers can be connected with Jungkook’s affluence.


Birthday: 4th December 1992

Birth Flower: Rumex (수영)

This tangerine-flavored wild harvest is fused with numerous useful potentials. The species of these flowers are vast and wide and almost all the species have medicinal properties. This flower is a sought-after plant for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, antimicrobial, anti-hypersensitive, analgesic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties which is beneficial for curing diabetes, constipation, infections, diarrhea, oedeme, scurvy, jaundice, and even gall bladder and liver issues.

This garden herb is also quite popular for the versatility it reflects while using it in dishes like soups, meat, cheese, milk, pastries, and salads. Consumed raw or cooked, it gave a distinct tangy flavor to the dishes. Overcooking of this product might lead to slight bitterness due to the presence of oxalic acid in it.

BTS Jin Jin's Birth Flower | Rumex
Jin’s Birth Flower

The plant also contains macro and micronutrients and is a source of plant-based proteins. This plant species is also well known for its dermatological properties which can fade away, chicken pox, shingles, poisonous rashes, blisters acne, and boils, and even calm down fever and clear sinus infections.  

The only drawback of Rumex is it gets quickly ruined soon after the harvest for which sellers try to avoid stacking and selling it in abundance.

In traditional Korea, This flower carries the symbolism of motherly affection, care, friendship, and absurd wit. 

The connection between our worldwide handsome and this flower is how BTS Jin roles as the mother of the group and he is also known for his caring nature towards the members. The absurd wit or quickly withering quality of the plant can be compared with Jin’s temper and ill-timed dad jokes.

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Birthday: 12th September 1994

Birth Flower: Clematis (클레마티스)

This ‘traveler’s joy’ flower signifies mental strength and beauty. It symbolizes the meaning of having a strong mind and a beautiful heart and soul. This species can be considered in the climbers’ category as it is determined to travel long distances till it reaches a certain height and positions itself comfortably.

Clematis comes in a variety of hues from red, white, blue, pink, purple, and even dual color. This flower also symbolizes ingenuity and its pronunciation itself is termed an art. Each of these butter cup family species holds unique regional nicknames like ‘leather flower’ and ‘vase vine’ depending on the quality of the flower it blooms into.

Kim Namjoon Birth Flower | Clematis
Namjoon’s Birth Flower

The connection between our God of  Destruction and Clematis is how Kim Namjoon is perceived as the most intelligent leader of the group and how he possesses the power of turning every scarcity into opportunity. It also can be connected to Namjoon’s determination toward his goals and his beautiful wise words that helps in making oneself better.


Birthday: 13th October 1995

Birth Flower: Spiraea (조팝나무)

As per the legends, this no-nectar flower is said to obtain its fragrance from the Land Goddesses Aine. This flower is a combination of two scents. The cluster of petals emits a strong sugary smell whereas the leaves of these flowers effuse an almond-like perfume.

The pentagon petal flower comes in shades of purple, pink, white, cream, and yellow and is beaded in the bride’s handfasting and wedding bouquets. The flower also has a list of medicinal properties that work as a room disinfectant, and refresher and are sold as aspirin tablets. 

Spiraea,  also known as Meadowsweet is believed to be a great taste enhancer and cooks often used it to add flavors to meads, beer, wines, and soups. This flower soaked in rainwater acts as an excellent astringent and skin conditioner. 

Despite producing no nectar, the strong aroma of this flower attracts bees, insects, birds, and butterflies abundantly which acts as a great pollinator and can make your garden your own personal wildlife park.

Spiraea is also believed to induce deep sleep, often related to death. Some cultures also believe that keeping this flower under the bed can help a person chase away faerie influence.

In Celtic culture, people often squeeze out a variety of hues from this flower to use it as a dye. The leaves release blue color, whereas yellow can be obtained from the top part and black color from the roots. It is also dried, crushed, and smoked in a pipe which is considered less harmful than tobacco.

Park Jimin Birth Flower | BTS Jimin's Spiraea
Jimin’s Birth Flower

Spiraea symbolizes grace, elegance, refinement, victory over hardship, prosperity, creative expansion, and neat love. A perfect gift to honor the wedding couples in the new journey of their life. 

Spiraea is connected with our Baby Mochi accounting traits of his hardworking nature, graceful dance moves, and his unfiltered love and care towards his members.

One of the most iconic memories of BTS Jimin’s birth flower can be seen in RUN BTS EP 99; Flower Shop.

In that episode, when the BTS members and Army eyes were glued on the hottest florist in South Korea, Jimin shared about his birth flower 조팝나무 (jopabnamu) meaning bridal wreath. What is hilarious about this scene which broke BTS into fits of laughter is his pronunciation getting misheard as 좆밥나무 (jojbabnamu) [loosely translated as dead skin of a penis].

Jimin struggled to make the members not react to the scene as it can quickly escalate to more awkwardness but all the members could not stop laughing out loud and making fun of it.

Jimin later requested the scene to be deleted from the video but the video creators being the biggest Army supporter kept it to enjoy for the years to come.


Birthday: 9th March 1993

Birth Flower: Larch ( 낙엽송 )

The mountainous tree is famous for its firefighter qualities. Larch wood is a hotshot for building wooden houses, crafting yachts, carving coffins, and many other timber articrafts. It possesses qualities like water resistance, durability, and knot-free properties.

These deciduous trees narrate tales of how the Larignum tribes a habitat of the Alps denied obeying great ruler Caesar for furnishing supplies solely depending on the protective qualities of this wood.

When Caesar finds out about the audacious move he quickly visited the tribe and saw that the place was guarded with a giant wooden door. Unraveling the truth that the habitat people do not own any missiles or metals, Ceaser ordered to burn down of the wooden gate that protected the disobedient people.

Everybody started preparing themselves to attack as soon as the fire die down but much to their surprise found the giant doors unaffected completely. Caesar was astounded witnessing the event and demanded the Alps clan to reveal the name of the timber. The town’s people feared Ceasar’s strength and power and disclosed right away that it was larch pointing at the tree.

The larch is also used as bonsai ornamentals and in preparing herbal medicines. This spikey tree contains tri colors; the bark of the larch is brown with pink undertones, and the flowers are green needles and pinkish red for the female species that transform into red, pale yellow, or brown cones when the tree matures.

Min Yoongi Suga's Birth Flower | Larch
Suga’s Birth Flower

Larch can be an exceptional choice for themed landscapes and beautiful autumn tones gardens as it creates spectacular views when combined with other coniferous trees. In ancient times, women who were infertile or struggling to bear a child believed that sleeping under a Larch tree could help them conceive. 

The larch symbolizes courage, fearlessness, audacity, and resilience. It represents how falling apart is a part of life and not something to be mourned over.  They are also home to squirrels, owls, and birds which makes them a symbol of protectiveness.

The bridge that connects our Meow Meow and Larch is how BTS Suga always got back up even after uncountable defeats and rose to the heights of success with his resilient nature. Suga is considered one of the toughest individuals mentally in BTS and we all have witnessed how even after all the hurdles he rose from the ashes like a phoenix. The protective trait can be connected to Suga’s shielding love for his members.

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Birthday: 18th February 1994

Birth Flower: Buttercup (미나리아재비)

This tiny flower is often perceived as tender due to its bright yellow tones, cute short petals, and mini diameters. Contradicting people’s perception buttercups are known to be poisonous if eaten raw and can cause blisters all over the mouth. Blood diarrhoea, dissolving of the GI tract mucous, salivation, and colic are some of the symptoms. However, dried buttercups are known to be safe hay as the poison gets degraded.

Another interesting fact about buttercup is even after having poisonous properties, there are some species used in Asian medicines that help cure intermittent fever, rheumatism, and rubefacient. In ancient times buttercups are held against the skin to cover marks on people’s faces made by their rulers also it is believed that when the mythological creature Coyote was tossing his eyes in the ear and catching them, an eagle snatch them away. Coyote became blind and then carved up his eyes from buttercup in order to see again.

This little frog thrives best near water bodies and symbolizes joy, youth, purity, cheerfulness, naivety, innocence, happiness, and friendship. The flower’s bright yellow color and small stature are often intertwined with children.

Jung Hoseok J-Hope Birth Flower | Buttercup
J-Hope’s Birth Flower

The link between our Sunshine and this cute little flower is how  BTS J-hope belonging to the hyung line still possesses child-like attractiveness along with influential playfulness. Hobi has always been known for being the most emotional whenever the members surprise him with even the littlest of things. His innocence and happy qualities can be easily connected with Hope’s adorability.

The poisonous traits of buttercup can be compared to J-Hope’s anger as we all know how quickly the surrounding space turns deadly if J-Hope becomes angry.

To summarize, flowers have always made every event of our life special. Birthdays, anniversaries, love, death, friendship, self-care there’s not even a single feeling or memorable moment that cannot be expressed by flowers. So, cherishing these little petals one more time signing off for today.

Happy Hunting!

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