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Fat To Fit | Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Actress Surprise Netizens with Her New Look

Cho Hye Jung’s revealed her new look making her fans and netizens gaze in awe!

‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ is a drama that tops every beginner-friendly and pro-K drama list. Be it showcasing friendship, love, or family bonding this drama has been the core of all comedy and romance. 

The characters and our adorable main leads will always take you on the space shuttle with the picture-perfect scenes and romance of all time even if you rewatch it a thousand times.

One of the cutest characters that thekoreanhanami obsessed over other than the attractive one-of-a-kind main leads is ‘Jung Nan Hee’. A chubby bright female weightlifter role by ‘Cho Hye Jung’.

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On December 27, ‘Cho Hye Jung’ took her invisible cloak off and introduced herself in a whole new barbie up-do. 

Korean culture is obsessed and become an eagle eye when it comes to all things pretty. Well, let’s just admit it! Even if we deny it on a surface level, we too have always sneak peeks at the list of tricks of cutting down or adding up a few pounds just to fit into that perfect dress a little early than late.

One thing that roars in K-pop and the Hallyu town is celebrities’ transformation after a sudden break. Presently our ‘Cho Hye Jung’ has been ruling the social media headlines with her latest Instagram post.

Cho Hye Jung posted pictures of her wearing a shade of gray coat, a beige skirt, and black boots flaunting her visuals and new looks making netizens stop and stare. ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ supporting lead looks completely different as if she has manifested a whole new personality.

haejung_c Instagram post
@haejung_c Instagram post

She is popular for her sunny-side-up personality both on-screen and off-screen and has appeared in the K-drama ‘Our Blues’  before this. 

Cho Hye Jung’s making your Oppa fall for you with her famous pickup line dialogue“hok-si me-si jo-a-ha-se-yo?; 혹시 메시 좋아하세요?; Do you like Messi” has always been one of the iconic scenes of the drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”

Fans and Netizens have been wishing her and showering love on her post comment sections. People claim that she is completely unrecognizable at first look. They all are also hoping to see Cho Hye Jung back to acting again.

Cho Hye Jung's New Instagram Post
@haejung_c Instagram post

‘Cho Hye Jung’ was completely withdrawn and inactive after her father’s controversial sexual allegations. Some of the fans believe that she is hinting at a brand new start with her recent social media clicks as she completely erased all her past photos.

‘Cho Hye Jung’ may have achieved her new year’s resolution a little early while we are busy deciding whether to build one or not. 

Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo  Drama Quotes

‘thekoreanhanami’ is really very proud of Cho Hye Jung’s transformation and we are rooting for you all too for all your small and big successes ahead. Wish you all a belated Christmas and a Happy New Year in Advance.

Don’t forget to celebrate our Winter Bear’s Day! December 30. Mark your Calendar and set your alarm in KST Oh wait it’s KIM TAEHYUNG’S BIRTHDAY ALREADY 🙂

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