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Yeoubi | Sunshower | A Story for Those Who Love to Read

The 2nd Chapter of ‘Destiny (운명)’ is up for the beloved readers of thekoreanhanami creatives. Enjoy!

Please do read the first chapter ‘Destiny’ to know about the selcouth encounter of the boy.

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Yeoubi | Sunshower | The boy | Destiny chapter 2

There’s a soft knock on the bedroom door when the boy gains consciousness from his sleep. He pulled the white satin sheet around his waist to cover up the morning wood indicating the maid on the door to come in quickly, resting his hand on his eyes so that he could avert the maid gawking at him.

Sometimes the boy literally questions himself as to what exactly takes her so much time to dust a space that even a baby crawl can sweep clean.

He let out a frustrated sigh ignoring the maid’s presence as he could see her occasionally standing motionless clenched onto the cleaning stick as she gawked at him.

The boy has asked his mom to change the maid or leave his room for heaven’s sake but neither of the two can be exercised as already she is the 5th maid in 2 months and living with his parents comes with the cost of a clean environment 24/7.  

As soon as the maid left, the boy got up from his bed and took a warm shower. His head felt heavy with the dream he saw. He has never gone to the library building, nobody ever thinks of entering those gates, even the cricket balls which mistakenly fell on the premises nobody ever crossed the boundaries to pick them up.

There’s even a rumor among the primary and middle-grade students that the ghost hosts games to play with those balls every weekend. It will be a funny and scary scene to watch if ever somebody witnesses it. The boy thought getting up from his bed to take a shower.

He let the warm drizzle flow from his broad shoulders to the waist down to his toes. It relieved his built-up morning tension as he tried to remember the face that he saw in his dreams.

It was unusual for him to see dreams. He never saw dreams, only nightmares that tore him apart internally but this time even if it was spooky there was an undenying charm that allures him to meet the girl in real life.

He tried to recall the way she was dressed but even if he had a chat of which he clearly remembered every word as if he had memorized a script. He couldn’t figure out a single thing about her dress, not even the color of her dress. It was just her bright, beautiful face that occupied his mind as if she was his ‘koi no yokan’. He quickly shook his head as the thought of her again tried to consume him, called his best bud Ted and went to play. 

It was noon when he got back home. A fruity smell welcomed him as he opened the window of his room letting in the rays of the sun to make the space cozier. He could hear his mom humming as she ground the coconut with the strawberries. Her mother was preparing his favorite dessert using his father’s farm’s produce.

The boy felt hungry sniffing the delicious scent but it quickly changed into his dream. All day, his mind went back and forth playing the card between the daily encounters and the girl’s face.

He felt frustrated not being able to find an exit to this newfound case so he walked towards his bookshelf to escape from this world. The boy likes to read and one can often find him reading instead of attending parties all night or hooking up with girls like his other mates. Despite having an introverted aspect he has a vast social life and is quite popular among the ladies. Other acquaintances of his, frequently crack the joke that it is his subtle coquettish way of getting the ball in his court.

He skimmed through his 8-shelved wooden carved bookshelf to find a good piece for him to elope and while trying to take out one from the lower 2nd his eyes spotted a net cloth stuck on the corner of the lower drawer. He never used the lower drawer of the shelf and asked his mom to use the spare space but the improper way the drawer was closed made him twitch and he tried to redo it by tucking it in.

The boy held the door’s handle and tried to open it but it was stuck so he used his force only to get smacked by a thick book that fell from the highest shelf. He cursed in pain covering his head with his hands.

‘This will be the most scholarly death in history’ he spoke to himself as he tried to balance himself on his foot again picking the book up from the ground while rubbing his head to ease the pain.

It was a thick leather covered book, the surface was coated from dust with unknown patterns carved on it. The edges of the book were golden as if the pages inside are made up of pure gold. The boy felt curious as he quickly brushed off the dirt and opened the book. All the pages are drenched in foxing as he reads the lines written on the first page in cursive. 

‘Every time the rain will dance seeing the sun smile, know that I’m remembering you despite the miles

The boy could feel a strong attachment as he read the line. He could sense a cingulomania feeling inside of him as if he knew the writer of this line as if he shared moments with the person in life. He meticulously searched for the name of the book holder or the penner but only found endless blank rusted pages.

He closed the book aggressively letting out a frustrated sigh and looked outside of the window. The sky wore a deep cerulean tint as the cotton clouds traveled across the frozen blue. The sun shone brighter as the autumn shades bathed the trees soaking the warmth. He felt calm watching the infinite space and again shifted his eyes to the book cover.

The patterns were still unknown to him, even after galloping a decade of ancient history about Greek gods, languages, and space he still couldn’t figure out what the patterns tried to convey.

He flipped the book to skim out the back cover of the book, it was in contrast with the front cover as there is no sign but at the bottom left corner, an address was carved on the leather. The words are mostly ruined due to the dust and the letters were hard to identify.

The boy quickly wet the corner of his bed sheet and rubbed the dust to get a clearer picture of the embedded letters. It had an address written on it. The address of that haunted building in his town. The library where their eyes met for the first time. The place where his dream took him.

Before he could understand anymore his attention got caught by the sound outside his window as he looked up and saw rain drizzle on a bright sunny day with a crystal sky as his mind recall the words the rain danced, seeing the sun smile.

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Annyeong Chingudeul!

Here’s the 2nd Chapter of ‘Destiny’ for Hanami Creatives. Hope you like it. Click on the blue link at the start of this post to read their first chapter about the boy’s first meet.

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