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Mariage d’Amour | A story for those who loves to Read | 5th Chapter of Destiny

Our the korean hanami turned 1 this year and here is a treat for you all, a story that is etched in my heart. The long awaited 5th Chapter of ‘Destiny (운명), Yeoubi (여우비), Take Me Back To The Night We Met and Kindred Spirits’ for you all to have a feast. Enjoy!

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When the boy woke up he found himself lying near the library’s gate and for some reason his shoulder hurt as if he had injured himself with a deep cut. He tried to get up on his feet and slowly walked out of the building’s boundary. The morning fog covered the whole neighborhood in its cold embrace as the early hawkers shivered trying to find their way to start their routined day.

He felt weak on his knees as he made his way back to his home, as if he was traveling for years unknown and when he finally reached his house gate, he tiptoed slowly to his room in order to not make his parents wide awake. Throwing himself onto the bed the moment he closed his eyes while his mind replayed the images of the girl that he met at the library. He couldn’t stop himself from being bewitched by her mahogany coloured eyes, her honey dripped skin and the rose tinted smile that the boy felt like it was a precious keepsake gifted by her to him solely.

Although it was a painting, he still felt as if she was real. All flesh and bones beneath those bold strokes that kept making his heart heavy with every passing minute until he again opened his eyes and found the satin sheets drenched with tears that he did not realize he was shedding. He sat up straight taking a deep breath trying to ease the throbbing pain in his shoulder as he quickly took off his t-shirt only to find stains of fingertips where the girl touched him when she called out ‘Hey’.

The new marks on his skin felt hot as if she burnt him with just a mere touch but it was not only his skin that was burning, his heart was also restless, demanding clarity of the confusion. He stared around his room and caught the sight of the backpack he took inside the library. The boy was surprised to find the bag in his room as he clearly remembered not bringing it back when he returned then who kept the bag there? He was not in trance and he definitely lost the bag after he got teleported to that place.

The boy tried to remember the place, the chaperon’s face, the royal maid’s name, he tried to recall the giggles and laughter of the little girls and the daisy charmed trinket but much to his surprise he was not able to sketch out a single detail in his mind. All was blurred as if yesterday’s night never happened in real life and he is just forcing himself now to build a story out of his imagination. But if it is so, then what about the burn mark and her touch that still lingers on his shoulder’s skin. What exactly happened after the candle fell and how did he make his way near the library gate while being unconscious.

The boy got assured as the thoughts reeled inside his head, understanding that the answers to his every question was kept in that library of the 11th Cross Street and he need to go back there once again before the thought of her or the pain eats him slowly.

Annyeong Chingudeul!

Happy 1st Anniversary to my readers! I cannot fathom even in my wildest dreams that it’s been a year now sharing my words with you through this digitalize screen. Internet is truly remarkable as it connected readers from Germany, Russia, USA, UK, South Korea, Thailand, India and many other countries to my home country. I’m grateful to each one of you for showering show much love and care to my website and I’ll try my best to keep coming with much more quality content to keep you all entertained and informed.

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