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Our Last Meeting – An Unforgettable Short Love Story Pt-1

Our Last Meeting – Office love story (fanfiction)

Stressful day and Ji Ara is out of breath because of work. Her agency, Seoul Universe Label, has broken the internet with scandal news. One of Universe’s artists is being shipped with a report after a photo got spread on the internet. PR team leader, Ji Ara is getting so many calls from reporters and it is driving her crazy. She couldn’t sleep for the past few nights. All she needed was a cup of coffee but she couldn’t get a sip yet. Being stressed over straining calls, she unconsciously held the hot coffee mug against her ear instead of the phone. The Burning sensation made her cry loudly.

Every PR team member looked at her with wide-opened eyes. Tae-ri, one of the members of the PR team, stood up and suggested that she take an ice pack. Ji-Ara’s whole face became red. Tae-ri helped her stand up and started heading toward the nurse’s office. She was walking fast with her teary eyes. Meanwhile, the nation’s crush, k-pop idol Jung Suk, was also entering into the office.

He was walking quietly along with his manager and saw his dearest friend Ji-Ara crying. He stopped there and started looking at her. Then he regained consciousness and started running after her. She entered the nurse’s office and Tae-ri stood outside. Jung Suk reached Nurse’s office and saw Tae-ri standing outside. He ran to her, and asked “wha– what happened to her?”. He was out of breath, gasping badly. Tae-ri explained the situation, meanwhile, Ji-Ara came out. Ji-Ara’s eyes were shining with leftover tears.

She turned around after seeing Jung Suk and wiped her eyes. Jung Suk held her hand and said, “Are you ok? Let’s go to the hospital”. Ji-Ara replied with little hesitation “please don’t make another scandal for me! Stay away! All of you artists do whatever you want as if you guys don’t know millions of eyes are on you all! I suffer for you guys! I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t have a personal life!” She left. Jung Suk stayed still for a while having no clue about what wrong he did. Tae-ri explained that she was stressed over scandals so she reacted. Jung Suk’s manager reached there and asked Jung Suk to follow him to the meeting hall. Jung Suk couldn’t understand anything so he did as said by his manager.

He entered the meeting hall where his fellow members were talking about their upcoming project. They’re going to make a comeback soon. They smiled at Jung Suk and asked him to hurry up. Jung Suk is the main dancer and vocalist of their group, Euphoria. The meeting started, and everyone was talking about the concept of the music video but Jung Suk seemed absent-minded.

After the meeting, everyone gathered in the company cafeteria and started talking about company affairs. Suddenly Min-kyu, one of the group members, raised a topic about Ji-Ara’s accident. Jung Suk suddenly jumped with excitement saying “do you know how she is?” Everyone looked at him for a while. Tae, his best friend broke the silence saying, “feels like you’re in more pain than Ji-Ara” with a teasing tone. Jung Suk calmly said, “stop it, she’s my friend! How can I not worry after seeing her cry?”. Finally, everyone became serious and asked him about the situation. Jung Suk left, saying “she burnt her ear”.

Jung Suk opened the door of the PR team’s office and asked Ji-Ara to come out for a while. Ji-Ara came out and became overwhelmed. She started apologizing to him. Jung Suk held her shoulder calmly and said, “It’s ok! I understand.

Don’t worry, one of my friends made out that the photo is photoshopped, he’ll come up with proof”. Ji-Ara smiled and thanked him. Jung Suk looked aside and saw a shadow passing by. He shouted “who’s it?” No one responded, and he also ignored it. Meanwhile, Tae-ri came out and informed that one of the office staff who turned out to be a sasaeng, spread the photoshopped photo of the artist. After hearing this, Ji-Ara couldn’t help but shout “Where do these people come from! It turned my life into hell!”.

The next day, the agency clarified misconceptions about the scandal. The whole PR team was happy so they went out to grab some snacks. They were chatting and laughing, apparently, Ji-Ara received a call from her close reporter friend.

Her friend anxiously said, “Another blunder happened!” Ji-Ara asked, “what happened?”. Her friend said, “Check your phone”.

Ji-Ara opened her phone and saw that Jung Suk’s dating rumor is trending. She clicked on an article where it says “Popular K-pop idol Jung Suk is dating an office employee”. She scrolled down and saw a video of Jung Suk, where he is holding a girl’s shoulder with an anxious face. It didn’t take long before she realized that the girl is no other than her!

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