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The World Weeps and Anticipates as BTS Announced Farewell

BigHit announced the remaining four BTS band members military enlistment date.

On December 21, 2023 BigHit Music announced the initiation of the military enlistment of the four BTS band members. The esteemed corporation asked Army (BTS beloved fans) for their continued love and support and assured them of the band’s reunion in 2025.

The individual date of each member’s enlistment is yet to be confirmed which is making ARMY and the worldwide media anticipate on which member will embark first on their duty towards their motherland.

After the release of their last group album ‘Take Two’ which carries the symbolism of an ode to their fans and 10 years of hardships and success in the music industry, BTS gave their fans a sweet surprise by renewing the contract for further years which will be continued after the reunion of the band.

Kim Seokjin also known as Jin was the first and the eldest member of the group who started his military enlistment  on December 13 2022 and has been serving his country as an assistant instructor at Yeoncheon army base in northern Gyeonggi Province. He expressed his emotions about the BTS Army and his future endeavors with his single ‘Astronaut’ whose music was composed by one of his dearest friends ‘Coldplay.’

The next to enlist in the South Korean military conscription was Jung Hoseok a.k.a  J-Hope who treated his fans with his single ‘On the Street’ featuring J. Cole and afterwards began his duty on 18th April 2023. Army’s beloved Hobi oppa has impressed the South Korean military troop with his exceptional dedication as a platoon leader in the military.

The third member to join South Korean mandatory military conscription was Min Yoongi viz Suga who after conducting a  successful celebrity chat show titled ’SUCHWITA’ blessed his fans with a world tour of his latest album D-2 as Agust D breaking several records of the music industry.Due to his shoulder injury Suga will be serving his country as a social service agent.

As of the remaining four members Jimin, Jungkook, V and RM have already completed releasing their farewell albums for the Army and creating history in the music industry. Currently they will be on pause and follow the necessary guidelines needed before leaving for their individual duty towards their motherland.

At first BigHit corporation got into a conflict as keeping BTS on hiatus for 2 consecutive years will significantly impact the music industry and since they already contributed to South Korea by being one of the  prime source of economic and cultural development, BigHit wanted BTS to get the exception rule that noble elite athletes and some classical musicians get to not opt for the mandatory military enlistment and support the country through their individual career. 

After a good amount of debate the company decided to let the seven band members complete their individual duty towards their motherland and promised the unison of the group in 2025.

Bighit announced the remaining bts members military date
Image Source: Instagram by Park Jimin


In South Korea, all able-bodied Korean men from age of 18 to 35 are required to serve their motherland by enlisting in the mandatory military conscription and serving the country for 2 consecutive years. Exceptions are made if the individual is going through serious medical implications and / or serving the country through olympics. The rule is not mandatory for Korean women however if they wish they can voluntarily join the military service.


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