Bang Si Hyuk and Seventeen Received K-Culture Bridges Awards.
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Bang Si Hyuk and Seventeen Received K-Culture Bridges Awards.

Hitman Bang and Seventeen were recently recognized for their contribution to uniting the world through K-pop music at a recent LA3C event.

Bang PD professionally known as ‘Hitman Bang’ is the founder of ‘BigHit MUSIC‘ [earlier recognized as BigHit Entertainment] and the founder & chairman of ‘HYBE’ Corporation.

He is the creator of the sensational boy band BTS and TXT. Hitman Bang built skillful soloists like Lim Jeong Hee and groups like 8Eight, and 2 AM and co-managed Glam.

On December 9 PST, the LA3C event coordinators held a ceremony in Los Angeles’s ‘Hammer Museum‘. At that event, Bang PD and boy band SEVENTEEN were awarded the “Building K- Culture Bridges: Culture Ambassador Awards“. They were recognized for their contribution to bridging the gap between Korea and the rest of Asia.

They were also awarded for the cultural exchanges between Asia and the United States through K-Pop music. Once again, proving the fact that “when it comes to music, language is never a boundation”.

Bang PD spoke about how many years ago, they were busy performing in stage shows and connecting with the audience. They did shows and live performances in various cities including Seoul, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Southeast Asia. He also told how they never sensed any discrepancy and felt united with the world through music regardless of culture or language.

The ‘Seventeen‘ members shared their happiness saying that they are happy and proud that the band ‘Seventeen’ played a role in expanding the horizon of erasing barriers between various cultures through their music.

‘Seventeen’  is a South Korean boy band under Pledis Entertainment. The group consists of 13 members and their name carries the unique concept of how 13 members divided into 3 different units come together as 1 group cohesively.  [13 members + 3 units + 1 group].

The members of the band get ship for their attractive looks and versatile music. Time and again they hold nominations for several awards and have won many of them.  ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ is one of Hanami’s favorite songs of them.

About The Event:

LA3C is a festival event hosted by the media company Penske Media Corporation. It includes major American music outlets like Rolling Stone and Billboard. The event was held at the State Historic Park of Los Angeles where Seventeen performed for an hour on the main stage set on December 10. Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg, Kyle, Free Nationals, and Shawn Wasabi were also some of the topliners of the event.

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