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BTS Jimin Gets Surprised By J-hope | JiHope Forever

BTS Surprises Army with their cute little JiHope moment on Jimin’s latest album promotions

BTS’s Jimin has been promoting his solo album FACE on various music shows, and he recently received a surprise visit from his fellow BTS member J-Hope during a Music Bank recording. Although Jimin is used to performing with his group, he has been promoting his solo work alone, which can be nerve-wracking. But his BTS brothers are always there to support him.

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Hopemin Surprises BTS Jimin
HopeMin Forever

During one of his pre-recordings, Suga surprised Jimin by attending the Music Bank recording despite his busy schedule. And now, J-Hope has joined in on the fun by showing up with a bouquet of purple flowers to congratulate Jimin in case he won an award.

J-Hope and Jimin’s bond is strong and Army also adores them for sharing their JiHope moment on stage after the pre-recording ended. They even greeted fans and the media together before heading home.

This isn’t the first time that J-Hope has shown support for Jimin. He visited Jimin during the filming of his music video, and they had a chaotic yet fun time together. BTS’s members always ensure that they are there for each other, and Jimin must have been grateful for J-Hope’s surprise visit during his performance.

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