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Top 10 Shocking Facts About South Korea That Will Leave You Open Mouthed

From Korea’s late-night schooling, military service, number 4 superstation, peculiar brushing habit and many more!

South Korea has its own unique stories that are yet to be popularized but one of a kind. Some of the facts on this list about Korea might mesmerize you or leave you open-mouthed. Let’s talk about the top 10 shocking facts that will help you understand Korean culture and will surely help you know a thing or two before you visit Korea.

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1. Korean schools stay open till night:

Korean middle & high schools offer night time self-learning till 8-9 pm. It is a self-administrated program where students focus on their poor subjects without teacher’s guidance. They stay in school till 9pm! Would you like late night schooling? Let us know!

Korean schools stay open till night:

2. You can’t use the word “you” directly:

Every language has its characteristics, and the Korean language is no different. You can’t use “you” in Korea when referring to anyone. Instead, you’ve to mention their name, every time you specify that person. Also, add ‘sshi’ after their name regardless of gender. You can also use terms like ‘Ajushhi’, ‘Seonsaengnim’, ‘Agashhi’, Ajumoni’. 

3. Koreans gift toilet paper

Koreans are so observant when giving someone a gift. They gift specific things on specific occasions. Let’s talk about some of them-

They often ask about the preference of the person when buying gifts. Koreans bring food, drinks, and beautiful flowers when visiting someone’s place. Most Koreans buy juice, Soju, or Beer as gifts. As for flowers, they mostly like roses and lilies. Also, toilet paper is a popular housewarming gift.

Koreans gift toilet paper

4. Black day in South Korea:

14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day worldwide but Koreans celebrate it twice with their own typical valentine’s day, known as White Day and since love is a sour grape for many people, they did not leave the singles deprived of celebration and celebrate Black Day on the 14th of April. The black day is solely celebrated by single people who wears black clothes and indulge themselves in black coloured food. One popular dish among them is Jajangmyeon (자장면).

5. Korean age:

Korean age system is the most interesting part of their culture or maybe the most complicated one too. A newborn cute baby in Korea becomes one year old, right after being born! Interesting right? But wait! That’s not the end, Korean people’s age increased by one year on the day of the new year!

6. Military service for citizens:

Nation comes first for all citizens! There are many ways to love, protect and adore the motherland, but the Korean government has chosen a much more devoted way to protect the motherland. Every Korean from18-30 years old male must serve in Military service for around 21 months. Each one have to go through military training and work as a true sincere military officer.

7. A big no-to no. 4:

Have you noticed that Koreans avoid the number 4 as much as possible? Yes, it’s true that they try their best to avoid number 4 in their day-to-day life. Actually, the reason is, the Korean pronunciation of 4 is the phonetic of the Korean word for ‘Death’. People believe that the number 4 is unlucky. You can get an idea of how serious they are about this superstation with these examples: They never eat 4 items or buy 4 items together. There is no “4” numbered button in typical Korean elevators, it’s usually written “F” instead of “4”

8. Koreans brush every time they eat:

It’s a culture shock that Koreans brush their teeth every time they have their meal. Traditionally they don’t brush after waking up. Instead, they brush their teeth 3-4 times whenever they finish eating. It’s very common for them to carry toothbrushes in their bag. Don’t be shocked if you see someone brushing their teeth in a public bathroom.

9. Robots everywhere:

No doubt, South Korea is living in 2030. It has beaten countries like Japan, Singapore, Germany, and many more in the race for robot density in their country. From airports, industries, and even in restaurants, you’ll find those cool & cute robots in your service. Isn’t it impressive?

An Android robot guided South Korean National Orchestra

10. Koreans put snails on the face:

Are you afraid of snails? Well, beauty standard-obsessed Koreans aren’t. They put a whole living snail on their face! Yes, you’re right, it’s that small crawling little being that you find in your garden that leaves a slimy stain behind. And! This slime is what they need. Researches found that Snail mucin or slime is rich in antioxidants, protein, and hyaluronic acid that reverse skin damage, hydrates skin and makes it firm and tight. This is one of a reason for Koreans ever youth beauty.

So, what are your thoughts about these top shocking and jaw-dropping facts? Let us know which one surprised you the most.


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