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Korean President Updates About BLACKPINK ‘s Performance In Yeon Suk Yeol’s White House Visit

On March 31 KST, the Office of the South Korean President released a formal press statement denying the speculations that BLACKPINK would be performing during Yook Suk Yeol and first lady Kim Keon Hee’s White House visit. The statement clarified that the rumored performance was not part of the agenda for the upcoming state visit.

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The media had previously reported that American first lady Jill Biden had suggested a joint performance by BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga during the state dinner following the diplomatic visit in April. However, subsequent news reports claimed that the chief of South Korea’s National Security Council failed to relay this request to Yook Suk Yeol, potentially causing discord between the two countries.

This statement from the South Korean president’s office aims to clear the air and dispel any confusion or misunderstandings surrounding the state visit. It emphasizes that the visit is an important diplomatic event, and the focus should be on the diplomatic discussions and agreements that will take place.

The announcement also highlights the significance of the relationship between the United States and South Korea. The two countries have a long-standing alliance and have worked together on a range of issues, including security, trade, and cultural exchange. The statement reinforces the commitment of both countries to strengthen their relationship and continue their partnership in the future

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