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The Glory S1 Ending Explained | Drama Review

“The Glory” is an enthralling tale of vengeance centered around Moon Dong Eun, a girl who was tormented by her classmates Park Yeon Jin, Choi Hye Jeong, Lee Sa-ra, Jeon Jae Jun, and Son Myeong O. The relentless bullying forced her to drop out of school and prepare for a justice battle. She quietly honed her skills and eventually became a teacher, including Ha Ye Seol’s homeroom teacher, who happened to be the daughter of Park Yeon Jin. Moon Dong Eun gathered information about her tormentors and began her quest for retribution.

However, the ending of “The Glory” Season 1 has left many viewers confused, with several questions about the series popping up, such as the number of episodes, Park Yeon Jin’s fate after being discovered at Moon Dong Eun’s place, and the possibility of a second season.

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To clarify, “The Glory” Season 2 is now available on Netflix, with both seasons consisting of eight episodes each. While most Korean dramas have 16 episodes, “The Glory” is split into two seasons to increase the hype.

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Spoiler Alert

In the finale of Season 1, Park Yeon Jin dispatched people to gather information about Moon Dong Eun and discovered that they lived in the same apartment complex. She illegally entered Moon Dong Eun’s home, but Ha Do Young, Park Yeon Jin’s husband, learned of his wife’s actions after meeting Moon Dong Eun. Ha Do Young confronted his wife at Moon Dong Eun’s place, leaving many questions unanswered.

Season 2 will continue the story, with Park Yeon Jin and Ha Do Young questioning each other.

If you’re looking for an exciting revenge drama, watch both seasons of “The Glory” on Netflix.

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