Bts Army Made Bts surprised with Army Wave

BTS Army Made BTS Panic with ‘Army Wave’ | STOPEU! STOPEU!

That One Time When BTS panicked and Jimin Struggled to Stop The Unceasing Army Wave.

BTS and Army have always been the perfect two over whom even the matches made in heaven get envious.

This pair has been one of the strongest do-and-die relationships the world has ever witnessed. True, be it Michael Jackson living up to his legacy or Justin Bieber gifting the world a time to forever reminisce and cherish.

BTS has always been a little indifferent from all the fan ships out there. But have you ever wondered what exactly sets them apart?

BTS | Bangtan Boys with Army
Source: Pinterest// Yarisel Loyo

It’s their hard work, patience, and belief that fought back and tear down every existing idea of fanship. The way they believed that language will never be a barrier to connecting with the world. The way they lived up to every insane expectation and knocked off every negativity thrown at them and most importantly how they lived up to their innocence even after scaling such cosmic heights.

BTS has been one of the first groups that never encouraged wasting away as a sign to flex. Instead, their music has always centered around, self-love, hope, building your dreams into reality, being independent, and strong, and celebrating your own unique charm.

Their fanbase is counted as one of the ancient K-pop fan bases in the world which further showed many worthy stars pave the path to find their own space in the industry.


Bang PD has always been the coolest boss in the K-Pop industry. Be it skimming out the best from the streets of Korea, convincing the young boys’ parents, sculpting them as idols, or protecting them as his own children. He has always kept it in mind and took special care before delivering his masterpiece to the world.

Army has always showered their love in the most unexpecting way in the concert. The fanbase of BTS; Army has the potential to have a fanbase of its own. Renowned for their undenying faithfulness, love, and care, Army never shies away from expressing their love. Even they hold the record of using the most unexpected and unusual ways to make sure they imprint on their Idols’ hearts.

Among fan chats, BT21 accessories, their own brand logo, birthday, lifestyle products, skincare products, drinks, and the list never ceases. One of the most iconic props is the Army Bomb.

Introduced by a different Korean Artist named Big Bang according to Allkpop, these little lightsticks have the most significance in the BTS Army family.

Concerts and award shows have always been a hotshot to witness these tiny mashals. Filled with an array of lights one of the most mesmerizing moments to witness in a BTS concert is the Army wave using these lights.

BTS loves Army | Concert Photo
Picture Source: Pinterest// Wattpad

If you have been an avid watcher of BTS concerts you must have come across the word ‘Army Wave’. BTS has always made their fans do the signature style in every concert since the birth of the Army bomb. Quoted by Jungkook in PTD concert in LA as ‘the most beautiful wave in the world’. 

The whole crowd one by one holds their army bomb up in the air creating the illusion of an enormous wave. BTS loves to witness this spectacular scene but there was a time when even Army made BTS panic with the most unharming thing in the world.

In a concert, once BTS asked Army to do their legendary wave. The first wave went beautifully and Bts were awed witnessing it then a second wave followed making BTS flutter with the brightest, then comes the third swiftly, then the fourth, fifth sixth, and seventh until it became a whirlpool.

BTS Army was not stopping the wave increasing its intensity and speed with each passing second and BTS panicked standing in the middle of the stage screaming and requesting Army to stop. Jin pleaded to stop. Jimin struggled to stop Army screaming STOPEU! STOPEU! But Army was impossible to control gifting BTS one of the most hilarious moments to look back.

BTS Vow Concert

Watch The Video Here:

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