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Weverse To Terminate Moonbin & Sanha’s Astro Unit Service | Fantagio Responded

Weverse, the popular fan community platform, has announced the termination of its services for the ASTRO unit Moonbin & Sanha on April 30. This news comes as a shock to fans of the K-pop group, who had only recently launched their own Weverse service on April 17. The termination of the service means that all content uploaded on the platform will no longer be accessible after April 30.

In light of this announcement, Fantagio, the agency that manages the ASTRO unit, has advised fans to back up any content they wish to save from the Weverse platform. This move has caused disappointment among fans, who had been actively engaging with the group’s content on the platform.The Weverse service had been a valuable tool for the ASTRO unit to connect with their fans and share exclusive content, including photos, videos, and messages. The platform had also allowed fans to interact with each other and share their love for the group.However, the termination of the service is not the only reason that has left fans devastated. On April 19, the ASTRO unit lost one of its members, Moonbin, who passed away at the young age of 25. Moonbin’s passing had come as a shock to fans, who had been eagerly awaiting the group’s upcoming comeback.

A private funeral was held for the idol on April 22, with family and friends present. Fans from around the world expressed their condolences and paid tribute to the late idol through social media.Despite the unfortunate turn of events, the ASTRO unit has vowed to continue to connect with their fans through other means. The group has assured fans that they will continue to share their music and performances through various channels, including social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

The termination of the Weverse service for the ASTRO unit is a reminder of the fleeting nature of digital content. While it allows for easy access and sharing of content, it can also be taken away just as quickly. Fans of the group and the K-pop industry as a whole will have to adapt to the changing landscape of fan engagement and find new ways to support their favorite artists

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