BigHit Respect Taehyung Is Trending Everywhere And Here’s Why

Recently, the K-pop fandom has been buzzing with news about the controversy surrounding BIGHIT MUSIC and BTS’s V. Fans of the popular South Korean boy band, BTS, who are known as ARMYs, have taken to social media to call out the company for allegedly disrespecting V and not promoting his solo activities.

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The issue started when V appeared in a video interview with ELLE Korea on March 29. In the video, V answered various questions, including the bear versus tiger debate, using emojis. Fans were thrilled to see their beloved idol showcasing his unique personality and skills. V has also been active in various solo activities, such as photoshoots for ELLE Korea, his appearances on Jinny’s Kitchen, and his partnership with SimInvest.

Despite all of V’s solo activities, fans believe that BIGHIT MUSIC has not been giving him the promotion and recognition he deserves. The hashtag “BIGHIT Respect Taehyung” quickly started trending on social media, as fans expressed their disappointment and frustration towards the company.

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Many fans have pointed out that the @BIGHIT_MUSIC Twitter account, which is known for promoting BTS’s activities, has been neglecting Taehyung ‘s solo projects. Fans feel that the company should be promoting all of the members equally, especially since Taehyung’s solo activities have been receiving positive attention from fans worldwide.

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This is not the first time that fans have expressed their concerns about BIGHIT MUSIC’s handling of Taheyung’s solo projects. In the past, fans have criticized the company for not promoting other members’ solo activities, such as Suga’s mixtape and J-Hope’s solo album. Fans argue that the company should be promoting all of the members’ solo activities equally, rather than focusing solely on BTS’s group activities.

In conclusion, fans of BTS are calling out BIGHIT MUSIC for allegedly disrespecting V and his recent solo schedules. Fans believe that the company should be promoting all of the members equally, rather than neglecting V’s solo activities.

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While the controversy continues to unfold, it is clear that ARMYs are passionate about supporting their beloved idols and advocating for their fair treatment within the industry.

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