Jungkook ad V Proving V live are boring without them
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V and Jungkook Proving that live Broadcast Are Boring Without Their Chaos

Just Taehyung and Jungkook together gifting Army a mid-January good time! Kim Taehyung’s recent V-live.

Annyeong V shippers!

Taehyung just gifted us another long-distance boyfriend vibes video of him making our day as refreshing as his. Well, certainly Taehyung had a good day today with strawberries, Yeontan, filters, a game, and his best friend Jungkook singing.

He posted pictures of having a bowl of fresh strawberries, Yeontan on Instagram. To top it off, he came online for his Army trying out filters on his perfectly sculpted face.

Everybody was excited to spend time with him again, but what actually put the cherry on top of today is when V switched off the video abruptly in 2 minutes.

While trying out filters, suddenly someone sang from the background and V quickly switched his video off leaving Army in wonder.

Anxious Army took their heartfelt feelings on other social media sites. Many claimed that it was Jungkook with him and thought it will always stay a mystery unresolved. Many Army regretted missing his live video but V surprised the army again by coming back online.

He surely did clear out Army that it was Jungkook singing as they were both playing games before. He went to remind him of something probably to switch off the game as he was live.

V's boyfriend looks | taehyung boyfriend looks
Kim Taehyung with his boyfriend looks

Army melted at V’s answers and everybody adored the fact that the members spent time together outside work too. They have become a family over the years.

V shared how Jin will feel if he will able to see him right now. He also informed Army that Jin is really working hard serving the military. The little sincere confession made Army miss Jin even more.

Watch the full video here: Kim Taehyung V -Live

This is not the first time Jungkook and V have made a guest appearance in each other lives. Actually now when I think of it, it’s unimaginable to think these two maknae live broadcast without them sneaking.

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