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Jin Kept His Promise to BTS Army | World Wide Handsome

BTS Jin Directly Updated Army After a Month of his Military Enlistment.

Jin kept his promise again.

On December 13th, 2022, When Jin bid adieu to begin his military enlistment as the first member to enlist of the Bangtan Boys everybody felt emotional.

The members also posted pictures of Jin continuously keeping us updated and bade a heart-wrenching take care note as he began his new responsibility. 

The social media town was flooded with pictures of Jungkook with bloodshot eyes due to excessive crying, Bts members heart-melting notes for him, J-hope being the reporter of Jin through his Instagram story and Jimin being the official fanboy of Jin.

Not to forget Bts Army’s creative ways of coping with the long-awaited days to hear from him. The world was solemnly bounded by a promise. A promise made by our Astronaut singer Jin. Before leaving, Jin promised that if he ever gets a chance to interact with anybody other than the soldiers BTS Army would be the first one to know about his new life.

True to his promise On January 18th Jin posted pictures of him updating the BTS Army about his training days. He has successfully completed his ‘Completion Ceremony’ and BTS Army worldwide is congratulating him for the same.

BTS Jin  Latest Military Pics
// BTS Weverse Official

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During training sessions, the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited. So, like every other ordinary citizen of South Korea Jin was also getting the same treatment. BTS Jin himself also wished to be treated as one of them.

The military official channels kept us updated about Jin’s training sharing snaps of the group that he belonged to. 

Finally, the astronaut singer kept his promise and updated BTS Army on Weverse about his recent events. He also didn’t miss checking up on Army’s well-being and shared a cute note asking BTS Army for the same.

Jin message to BTS Army | Weverse
Pic Source: Koreaboo

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