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    The Ultimate Anime Movies List : Weebs and Otakus Favorites

    Best Anime Movies in the World. A Beginner Friendly Anime Watch List that Every Japanese and Non Japanese Anime Lover Die For! O hisashiburi desu. O genki desu ka? Annyeong Chingudeul, today ‘the korean hanami’ wants to shift their gaze to capture the epic cinematic journey that Japan has gifted to the whole world; ANIMES.  While TV and web series often steal the spotlight, Anime has been a category of entertainment which has stayed unshook for decades. Be it whisking us away to the enchanting world of ‘Susuwatari’ or ‘Soot Sprites’ or stirring the deepest emotions by exploring the space between realism and fiction through the twisted plots of the New Miyazaki.…