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Memorial Site Of Moonbin Moved To Fantagio Rooftop

On April 28 KST, Fantagio announced that it would extend the visitation period of Moonbin’s memorial space until June 6th, which marks the 49th day of his passing. Moonbin was a member of the K-pop group ASTRO, and his sudden death on March 25th shocked and saddened fans all over the world. In response, Fantagio set up a memorial space for fans to visit and pay their respects.

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The decision to extend the visitation period was made in response to the requests of numerous Arohas (ASTRO’s fans) who were unable to visit the memorial space of Moonbin due to limited time. The agency also plans to move and make adjustments to the memorial space so that visitors can mourn without interruption.

Fantagio announced that the memorial space of Moonbin, which was spread out between the front entrance to the company, the parking deck, and the rear of the building, will soon be moved to the sky garden on the rooftop of the company building beginning on April 28th. As a result, only the memorial space prepared in the parking deck will be open for visitors until April 30th.

The agency assured fans that all letters and gifts left in the memorial space will be preserved in their original conditions, and items will be collected periodically from the spots in which they were left to ensure their preservation. Additionally, they asked that visitors be mindful that the building is occupied not only by Fantagio but other occupants, and so they should not visit any other floors except for the memorial space on the rooftop.

In Korean culture, the belief that it takes 49 days for the spirit of the deceased to reach the next realm after passing from the human realm is widely held, and it is a tradition in Buddhist culture as well. As such, the decision to extend the visitation period until June 6th is a thoughtful one that acknowledges the importance of this belief and gives fans more time to pay their respects.

In times of grief, it is important to have a space to mourn and remember those we have lost. The memorial space provided by Fantagio allows fans to do just that and to show their love and support for Moonbin and his family during this difficult time. The decision to extend the visitation period and move the memorial space to a more appropriate location demonstrates the agency’s commitment to honoring Moonbin’s memory and providing comfort to his fans.

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