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Suga and His Undenying Love for Lounge Wear

Suga and his Cute Bedtime Attires Left Army Breathless.

Annyeong Chingudeul!

Min Yoongi a.k.a BTS Suga has always been the inevitable savage king. Be it coming up with the most gifted music sense or shutting people up with his savage lines he has consistently proved that he is indestructible in every way.

But, Do you know?

Even after holding the title of ‘Savage Hyung of BTS’ He is a fluff ball when it comes to his personal life.

During a fan meet and greet, the worldwide handsome Jin shared a personal secret about Suga with their beloved Army.

Suga has always seemed to roast the members most oddly and funnily with his sharp lines. So, to bite back on his game, Jin wittily leaves the Army saying; ‘Do you know our Suga wears something very interesting while going to sleep?’

Those words triggered Bts Army’s curiosity which led to huge screams of pleading for Jin to reveal it. Jin loved teasing the Army, turning the talk that he should not say it and he changed his mind.

After seeing the Army’s earnest request he finally confessed that Suga loves to wear only underwear while going to sleep.

Before the Army could digest that sinful information Jin revealed that he prefers teddy bear printed ones to which Taehyung adds sometimes zebra prints too followed by Jimin showing leopard ones too.

Suga couldn’t hide his embarrassment and shyness so he quickly questioned the Army stating; You guys seem to enjoy it a lot right? making the whole crowd blush in crimson red.

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