Jungkook and His Evergreen Love For Banana Milk

Jungkook has been termed as the no.1 lover of Banana milk

BTS Jungkook has always been a die-hard romantic for banana milk. When an army girl made him choose between pizza and banana milk, Jeon Jungkook confessed that he could not live without drinking banana milk. He would rather happily sacrifice pizza for life.

Jungkook’s love for banana milk has been expressed time and again in different ways. Be it sipping on it while attending interviews or listing the qualities of it late at night on his vlive. He never backed off from admitting the euphoria the flavored drink brings to him.

On the group’s first English title track ‘Dynamite’, this healthy drink made its way to the opening scene where Jungkook kicks off saying ‘ shoes on, get up in the morn, cup of milk, let’s rock n’ roll’ leaving Jungkook with a milky mustache.

Jeon Jungkook loves banana milk | BTS Jungkook likes to drink banana milk | Jungkook favorite drink
Even time surrenders in front of love

His love for the drink brought fortune to the producers of the banana milk company. In less than 24 hours, the milk was completely sold out from the shelves making even the rockstar stunned. Jungkook even thanked Army for their undenying faithfulness and scolded them as he was unable to buy any for him.

It is not new that when BTS even brush the tip of their fingers on something it vanishes within seconds. The same happened to Banana milk but as a directly proportional effect, the whole milk industry got their sales ranked up.

The Korean government started encouraging the intake of milk by the citizens during the ’70s but since the taste was bald, flavored milk was introduced to promote drinking and good health in the nation.

A Sneak Peek At The Famous Korean Beverage Brand Binggrae

Binnggrae is a South Korean flavored milk brand that is reigning since 1974. This brand sells more than 800,000 bottles every day with an increment of around 10.5%. Binggrae expanded its market by exporting its products to the U.S. in 2004. It is now available in flavors ranging from coffee, banana, lychee, peach, light, vanilla, candy bar, melon, and strawberry.

Binggrae also launched limited edition flavors such as mulberry and tangerine flavored drinks and also has festive packaging on their classic banana drink.

Banana Milk | Binggrae Banana Milk
Binggrae Banana Milk

I’m craving a milk drink now.

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