Hanami Creatives

Hanami was created as two creative and fantasized writers came together to pen their thoughts. The Korean Hanami was originally created to share Korean beauty, culture, history, etc. But there was another hidden wish to share the author's creativity. To fulfill that wish, we've created a Hanami Creatives section to share all our thoughts to entertain you. Kim Tae In loves writing poems and short stories about life & love. She loves explaining and beautifully portraying the world, life, and love. Park Ji Ara believes in her Deja-vu. She is a creative writer, influenced by her thoughts. Her dreams and fictional thoughts sometimes make her write sweet and childish love stories, sometimes bitter-sweat breakup stories. Writing fictitious stuff is what she is good at. We hope we'll be able to serve the best content in Hanami Creatives to satisfy all your cravings.